16 July, 2011

France v Sweden Women's World Cup Highlights

France again dominated possession, but it boiled down to not enough good finishing and sloppy marking that earned them 4th place. Sweden went on the board first behind a nice outside flick from Lotta Schelin. On the other side of the half, the French scored off sub Thomis. Then, seemingly, it was all over for the Swedish as Oqvist gets hacked, not once but twice as she's going down, but she retaliated and that, every time, will earn the red. Who knew the French were good at provoking a fight? Down a player for nearly 25 minutes, the Swedish hung on and even managed a magnificent shot off a poor clearance as Hammarstrom put away the match and won 3rd place for the Swedish.

Video: Adnan9666Link

North Korea Caught Doping Players

So remember that whole "We had a keeper and 4 starting defenders who were struck by lightning, so that's why we lost to the US"? Turns out, that after a random post game drug test, FIFA turned up positive steriods use results on two players and then subjected the rest of the team to testing, as they quickly left the country to return home.

And the results please....

13 July, 2011

USA v France World Cup Semi Highlights

With a beautiful flick on, Laruen Cheney opened up the early scoring for the USWNT in the 9th minute. Cheney wasn't done though, she later set up a corner which Abby Wambach put into the back of the net with emphasis late in the second half to break open a tense draw that saw France dominating possession and getting a lion's share of the good shots.

It boiled down to the USWNT playing a better defense. They collapsed on the ball better and late in the game as France pushed for their 2nd goal, their back line opened up and the USWNT exploited those holes.

Just 3 minutes after Wambach's excellent header, Alex Morgan powered a shot on goal to seal the win for the US. There were several more chances for the US as the French team broke down, but a little bit of luck and some great positioning from France kept the scoreline respectable.

For France, Bompastor scored off a lobbing cross that caught Solo flat footed. Despite the score, France dominated on shots, nearly 2.5:1 on the US as well as controlling the ball for extended periods. This French team will definitely be one to watch in the future and one that the US, Sweden and Brazil should all be worried about in the next Cup.

Video: 123thesamba

11 July, 2011

Mexico Wins U-17 Title

You are looking at "La Moda" (the style) for Mexican soccer fans for the next 16 years or so. Hero Julio Gomez came off the bench in today's final against Uruguay after his two goal performance in the semifinal against Germany, with his head still bandaged after the nasty cut suffered on the "Olimpico" goal against Germany while taking Samed Yesil out. This delighted the fans at Estadio Azteca, many of whom wore similar head bandages in his honor.

Mexico had already secured a 1-0 lead in the final against Uruguay on a truly beautiful volley goal by captain Antonio Briseno in the 31st minute, when star forward Carlos Fierro flicked a far post cross with his head from the end line back across the face of the goal toward the six yard box. Briseno leaped in the air and volleyed the ball directly into the net, and Mexico never trailed.

10 July, 2011

Women's World Cup: Brazil v USWNT Highlights

Damn, harder to find the highlights than you could believe, but here they are, because, damn, you need to watch this game. Replay is on ESPN2 tonight at 11pm CST and ESPN3...

Either way, a 2nd minute own goal off a bad deflection by Brazil opens the scoring for the US. It was a sweet cutback, and anyone will tell you, just get the ball in front of the net, because you never know what happens. Well, damn son if it wasn't a goal.

In the 2nd half, Brazil came out with a little extra fire under them and it showed when Marta put what was a debatable offsides flick on into the corner of the net for an equalizer. US defense just failed to mark and looked to the ref to make the call. Let that be a lesson to you kids.

Stoppage time proved equally nailbiting. Marta flung herself over US defender Buehler and the call

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