30 July, 2011

Preliminary Draw for World Cup 2014 Qualifying

A number of surprises at today's draw for the preliminary rounds of the 2014 World Cup. See the entire worldwide draw here. The big headline is that Spain and France were drawn into the same group, where the top team qualifies, along with the best second place team of the nine groups. The other eight second place teams pair off and play a home-and-home for the last four of Europe's 14 qualifying spots. Third place is out of luck. Now, Spain and France will not be as close as people think. Spain will kick some French derriere in Group I. However, I find it much more interesting that Serbia and Croatia are drawn into the same group. Talk about an intense rivalry!

29 July, 2011

Jurgen Klinsmann Named Head Coach

USSF president Sunil Gulati has just announced the head coach of the USMNT. It is Jurgen Klinsmann, current resident of Huntington Beach, CA, and one of my all-time favorite players. Klinsmann coached Germany to third place in the 2006 World Cup, then stepped down of his own choice. He was then coach of Bayern Munich in 2008-09 before moving back to the United States.

Few people know that after retiring from professional soccer in 1998, Jurgen Klinsmann's last appearance for a professional club was with Orange County Blue Star in 2003. Blue Star played in the PDL Premier, and were in danger of missing the playoffs, when out of nowhere, an unknown forward named Jay Goppingen scored five goals in eight games to help place Blue Star in playoff position. About that time, someone realized Jurgen Klinsmann is from Goppingen, Germany, and his secret was out.

Klinsmann said he played as Jay Goppingen just for fun, and to teach the young Blue Star players from his extensive experience. Those are exactly the qualities I want in a coach. Excellent choice, USSF.

Photo: Greatest Players in History

28 July, 2011

Best Day Ever

If you have kids, you know the Spongebob song, "It's the Best Day Ever..."

And so it is.

What was yours? Finding a $50 bill on the street? Getting into a certain school? Getting a date with that one hot girl you never thought you could?

Well, perhaps it is today.


Bob Bradley was fired. (See article below where we called on the USSF for the umpteenth time to fire his sorry ass).

After five years of mediocrity and less than a year after we gave the guy a contract extension, Gulati and the USSF have terminated the contract of Bob "Skeletor" Bradley. Your Olympic Men's Soccer team can breath a sigh of relief now.

The USMNT went 43-25-12 during Skeletor Bradley's reign of terror. Dismal friendly results as well as losses to Panama (1st loss in 35 meetings) among others sealed his fate.

So, who is on the horizon? We've all beat that bush 100 times over with the likes of Klinsmann and others mentioned. I'll throw out one that will probably never happen: Bora Mulitinovic rd. 2. He's usually only around for 1 WC cycle, does wonders with less than adequate squads, has taken new teams to 5 straight WCs, and right now, what big name/big time coach is available that we could all agree on?

Any which way, we have time on our side as most of the big name coaches are already snapped up at the club level and the next USMNT friendly isn't until August 10th, against Mexico.

Reportedly, the USSF will have a further announcement on Friday. Being a team that doesn't just sit on their hands, this is probably the unveiling of a new coach. We'll see.

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27 July, 2011

Fire Bob Bradley

Okay, it's a tired and old title. What more, it's true. We need to fire Bob Bradley.

The latest FIFA rankings are out and the US dropped out of the Top 25 for the first time since... wait for it... Bob Bradley took over. It's been a free fall as of late for the US. Currently, we are tied with Switzerland in 30th. Just ahead of Israel and just behind Slovakia and 10 spots behind Montenegro. Let me repeat that... Montenegro.

25 July, 2011

Newcastle v Orlando Pre-season Friendly

I'm mostly only putting this up here because I like to rip on my Newcastle United loving friend... and because they lost to a USSF D2 team. Perhaps if Joey Barton had made the trip...

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24 July, 2011

Copa America Finals: Paraguay v Uruguay

Who did you take?

Luis Suarez biting someone? Or Larissa Riquelme gratuitously showing her body off on to anyone willing to pay for a copy of Stag magazine?

Well, if you bucked the trend and actually picked Paraguay to win, then, well, you were wrong.

Forlan and Suarez both scored en route to a lopsided win for Uruguay. Now sit back and enjoy yourself some Spanish language announcing action.

Video: diariopais24

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