10 September, 2011

EPL: Manchester City v Wigan Highlights

Apparently, losing a club CEO to lying doesn't affect form. Who knew? Tevez misses from the spot after losing the team captaincy to Kompany and Aguero proves to be a stellar signing knocking in a hat-trick. Man City winners, 3-0.

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EPL: Chelsea v Sunderland Highlights

Sunderland could have used unsettled Gyan as they drop points to Chelsea. Instead, Asamoah heads to the UAE to "get his head on straight" with a 1st div team there. Torres actually makes an appearance, but as usual, fails to score. Chelsea winners, 2-1.

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EPL: Liverpool v Stoke Highlights

Liverpool stumbles as Stoke picks up the 3pts from a Walters pk in the 1st half. That's all she wrote.

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EPL: Bolton v Manchester United Highlights

Rooney on form with the hat-trick while adds two more after coming back from injury. Simply... dominating. Man U runs out 5-0 winners.

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EPL: Tottenham v Wolves Highlights

Adebayor knocks in his first goal on a sweet possession while Defoe finally sees the back of the net as Spurs get their first win of the season.

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09 September, 2011

Bob Bradley Is Not Next Santos Laguna Coach

Well, not the biggest surprise out there (possibly instead that going to the Egyptian Football Federation for meeting 48hrs ago to announce a new head coach only to not do so...) but Bob Bradley was passed over as the next possible head coach for Santos Laguna.

While Bradley has had a stellar career as a club coach, his NT head coach position for the US made his possibility of hiring a little more expensive and did lend some cache to the club, which I'm sure didn't mind the attention.

Instead, the position goes to former Santos player and previous coach (in 2006) Benjamin Galindo. Perhaps it was the fact that Bradley doesn't speak Spanish, or the fact that many Mexican-American players didn't see the light of the pitch under his tenure. Either way, he's now got a battle on his hands as the EFF has brought in former Ghanaian NT and recent Qatar NT coach Milovan Rajevac to interview in recent days.

Honestly, I don't think Bradley is going to get the Egypt job either because who in their right mind asks for a $400K raise after they were fired from their previous job? And It doesn't help that Rajevac comes much cheaper. Again, I'll throw this out there... Iceland still doesn't have an NT coach year. It's only about $400K/yr but you get Euro qualification Bradley. Of course, don't wait too long or Sven Goran might pimp himself for the job.

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07 September, 2011


It's not often that we'll talk about a tragedy in another sport, but this is just sad. Yahoo Sports is reporting that en route to a Kontinental Hockey League match, all but one of the 1st team of Russian club Lokomotiv were killed in a horrific plane crash. The surviving member, Alexander Gamilov, is currently in intensive care with burns covering 80% of his body. This was to be the initial match of the new hockey season for Lokomotiv.

It is eerily similar to the 1993 crash in Africa of the promising Zambian National Soccer team. The young team was en route to Senegal to play in a 2nd round qualifying match. Spared from the accident were three players. By strange circumstances, their starting forward, Kalusha was in Amsterdam, unable to make the connecting flight.

This Zambian team were no slouches. Just a few years earlier, they stunned an Italian squad 4-0 in the 1988 Olympics to finish 5th. Sports Illustrated has a great article looking back at the Zambian team that is well worth the read. So much promise, so much loss.

Our hearts go out to the Lokomotiv team, their families and fans.

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Belgium v USMNT Highlights

I wish we could tell you we had a draw or a win, but we didn't. Surprisingly, Clarence Goodson actually showed up for this match. And if you felt that Edu was robbed of a winner in South Africa last year during the World Cup, turn away now...

Next up for the USMNT is Honduras on Oct. 8th in Florida and there is a still yet to be determined opponent for the international open date on October 11th. That same day, Brazil plays Mexico at Azteca (so that's going to be a great game if we don't get anything lined up).

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06 September, 2011

Bob Bradley at Santos Laguna

While nothing official has been stated, some Santos Laguna fan has jumped the gun on Wikipedia and announced him as the new head coach. Other fans on their club site state that this is the beginning of an effort to improve Santos, including a future move to "lure" Landon Donovan to Mexico after the end of the current MLS season.

Yeah, I laughed at that one too. The only move that might happen is the Bradley one as he was there yesterday touring the facilities. No word has been posted on Santos' site, but the general idea is that they would announce it after the upcoming match Saturday vs Guadalajara.

We'll know more after Egypt announces tomorrow that they won't be going with Bradley. A move to Mexico for $1mil would explain his demands of Egypt.

Hey Bob, if both fall through (because a coach lasts a really short time in Mexico if they aren't winning), I hear Roy Keane didn't make the interview to take over for Iceland @ $400K/yr. You could be coaching in Europe for a country coming out of bankruptcy and with a population under 400,000 to draw from. Take that USMNT!

05 September, 2011

Egypt National Soccer Team Coaching Update

The latest update comes via Skysports. Apparently, former Ghanaian and Serbian national Milvan Rajevac, has flown to Cairo to have talks with the Egyptian Football Association (EFA).

Milvan was head coach for Ghana when they beat the US to make it to the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He left the Ghana job after refusing a contract extension without a pay raise, and later took over Qatar before being fired from that position last month amid a horrible run of form from a team that really can't be expected to be in the world's top 50 any time soon.

This could be a sign that Bob Bradley has refused to bring his salary demands back into the stratosphere and so Egypt is moving on. There is also some talk that this is a show to tell Bradley to bring down his demands or he's out of the running.

We're one to believe the former as Bob tends to be delusional some times and Egypt has added a coach with Middle Eastern experience to the mix. Either way, we should have word of the new coach on September 7th, Wednesday, when the has said they will announce the new coach.

Photo: EFA

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