17 September, 2011

EPL: QPR v Wolves Highlights

If you haven't figured out today's theme is surprises and upsets, then now is the time to clue you in. QPR lays the beatdown on Wolves as 80,000 quid/week hipster Joey Barton takes out his man UGG hating frustrations on Wolverhampton with a goal in the opening 10 minutes. 80 minutes later, it's all over but the Tweets. QPR 3 Wolves 0.

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EPL: Swansea v WBA Highlights

I bet you're wondering why I'm showing you Swansea v WBA highlights. It's because, despite being outshot, Swansea put on a scoring clinic to get their first EPL win. Sinclair scores from the spot while Lita and Dyer both add to the total. Swansea winners, 3-0.

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15 September, 2011

Bob Bradley is the new Egypt NT Coach

Bob was a finalist with three other coaches, Francisco Maturana of Colombia, Zoran Belosevic of Yugoslavia and Milovan Rajevac of Serbia although only former Ghanaian NT coach, Rajevac was considered a real contender. Reportedly, Bradley was the 1st choice and the lone holdup being the salary demands of Bradley. As USMNT coach, Bradley was earning ~$600,000/yr and he was negotiating for close to $1mil to take over for Egypt. Now, forgive me if I'm overstating the obvious here, but you don't give a coach who lacks tactical awareness and who was just fired a $400K raise to take over a strong team that should have several other good options.

During his tenure with the USMNT, Bradley went 43-25-12 with such pitiful wins as barely beating Cuba and Barbados 1-0, and playing up wins such as the 3-2 win over a 3rd string Sweden squad. Bradley did manage to get a shocking 3-0 against Egypt during Confederation's Cup and upsetting Spain during the same tourney. Those 'surprise' wins, though, are few and far between and not indicative of coaching or tactics.

Recently, during a CNN interview, Bradley was quoted as saying, "The Egyptian team is well qualified to be a dangerous opponent, but it only lacks some organisation on the field. The Egyptian player is a talented one unlike the American who depends mainly on his fitness,” he added.

13 September, 2011


Just like walking in your grandparents making out, this one is going to get real ugly real fast.

As some of you may remember, Switzerland's FC Sion had illegally lured Egyptian keeper Essam El-Hadary away from Al-Ahly in 2008 while still under contract and had been subsequently punished. Part of that punishment is no player transfers may play for the club in competition.

Fast forward to Europa League qualifications this year. SPL's Glasgow Celtic were paired up with FC Sion. Because of the previously mentioned ban on transfers, FC Sion had to forfeit their matches against Celtic because they fielded illegally acquired players, thus, Celtic were awarded 3-0 wins for both home/away matches.

11 September, 2011

Beach Soccer World Cup Final Highlights

They may be long, but they're distinguished. Ok, enough with the Top Gun referencing... 4 time winner Brazil just can't get it done and Russia. Wait, Russia? The Russia? Yeah, Russia, wins the Beach World Cup in Italy, 12-8 over Brazil. Damn.

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