01 October, 2011

EPL: Newcastle v Wolves Highlights

Demba Ba... This guy is on fire right now. Ba scores his 4th in 6 as Newcastle rolls 2-1 with Fletcher keeping the scoreline respectable despite Wolves holding the majority of possession and shots.

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29 September, 2011


Early this week, Carlos Tevez warmed up from the sideline waiting to come on for Manchester City in a CL match against Bayern Munich. City was already down 2-0 when coach Roberto Mancini told Tevez to start warming up to come on. The problem is that Tevez warmed up 10mins prior and took it as some kind of offense that he should have to warm up again when he felt he was ready.

Instead, Tevez sat, sulking, like an overpaid Demitar Berbatov, and refused.

Needless to say, Mancini didn't put him on the pitch. The rest is history. City loses 2-0 in an important group stage match, and people start clamoring for Tevez to be sold.

But at this point, who's going to pay his ridiculous wages, let alone take on a player that openly ignores their coach? Yeah, you'll have people say teams like Real Madrid, but they don't take on players that don't listen. They took on the notoriously petty merc, Cristiano "You hate me because I'm so beautiful" Ronaldo, but Tevez won't get that move. Italy? Not likely. They don't pay that much unless you produce and kiss the fans backsides.

Well, there is always that new Russian Chelsea team, Anzhi. They paid way too much for Eto'o and already overpaid on Roberto Carlos. Maybe, but here's the problem with that idea, you need to produce and definitely not talk back. They fired their coach less than 1 month after Eto'o was purchased, and have 1 win in 7 since paying such ridiculous prices.

28 September, 2011

Holden Out

Having already successfully undergone surgery following the horrific tackle during USMNT duty against the Netherlands, Stuart Holden is set to undergo "follow-up surgery" on his knee according to several news outlets. They describe it as routine and was most likely going to happen in the offseason, but after consultation had it moved up.

At 26yo, Stuart isn't getting any younger, but he had started and gone the distance in a handful of reserve matches for Bolton this year. That said, I've had personal experience with ACL tears, meniscus damage and floating cartilage in my knee and you don't have "routine follow-up surgery" unless a) the original surgeon screwed up, or most likely for pro club surgeons, b) he suffered some additional minor injury and/or tried to come back too early.

Either way, Holden is out of the USMNT picture and Bolton's, for that matter, for another 6 months now as he gets the procedure on his knee and has subsequent rehab. Let's just hope he doesn't turn into another John O'Brien; lots of promise in the midfield, but succumbing to repeated injury that derails his career.

Photo: thetelegraph

25 September, 2011

EPL: Aston Villa v QPR Highlights

Not even sure why I bothered giving you the highlights in this match. Was it the lackluster performance on both sides? Was it to see 2 pathetic goals (a pk and an own goal)? Actually, yeah, it was the way Aston Villa decided it really didn't want to be in the Premiership this year by scoring yet another own goal to blow the full 3pts away. Sad really.

Video: footytube

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