14 October, 2011

France v US Friendly Scheduled

Looks like the USMNT is stepping up the competition. While we may not win, it is pitting us against better opposition in an effort to improve. It's also an international friendly day, post MLS and thus the USMNT should be able to bring in a full starting lineup.

That said, November 11th. Stade de Paris, 2pm CST on ESPN 2.

And as a side note, this is actually, a double friendly weekend, which means the US is working on picking up another Euro friendly days later on November 15th (yes I understand the irony of saying weekend when in fact it's 4 days apart).

Those teams available in Europe at the moment for a Nov. 15th match?

Iceland (now with new coach Laagerback)
and Switzerland

all being likely opponents...

Photo: USSoccer

12 October, 2011

Euro 2012 Qualifications: Andorra v Russia Highights

And just because I always like a completely lopsided whooping... I bring you Russia dismantling (not very surprising, is it?) Andorra 6-0. Dazgoev (2), Ignashevich, Pavlyuchencko, Glushakov, and Bilyaletdinov all score.

Video: ZDF

Euro 2012 Qualifications: Bosnia v France Highights

A late goal by Nasri offsets the 1st half goal by Dzeko in this surprisingly even matchup.

Video: ZDF

Euro 2012 Qualifications: Denmark v Portugal Highights

Portugal was short some of their 1st choice defenders, and it showed as Denmark win behind goals from Bendtner and Krohn-Dehli while C Ronaldo scores for Portugal.

Video: ZDF

Euro 2012 Qualifications: Netherlands v Sweden Highlights

For the first time since 1983, Sweden beat the Netherlands... and they did it by coming back, down 2-1 to win 3-2. Damn. Sebastian Larsson with the penalty goal and then seconds later, Toivonen scores to seal the win. Didn't much matter to the Netherlands as they had already qualified, but for Sweden, by winning, qualified and avoids the playoff route.

Video: Footytube

Euro 2012 Qualifications

Last night was the final night of the group stage. If a team didn't win their group, they have to go to a playoff stage (drawing is streaming on UEFA's site Thursday).

Play-off draw
Pot 1 (seeded teams)
Croatia (coefficient 32.723)
Portugal (31.202)
Republic of Ireland (28.203)
Czech Republic (27.982)

Pot 2 (unseeded teams)
Turkey (27.601)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (27.199)
Montenegro (21.876)
Estonia (20.355)

The playoff will take place November 11, 12, and 15th in Poland.


Bribery Keeps Giving

FIFA's case against some 15 Caribbean countries began yesterday in the whole bin Hammam/Warner bribery for votes. Caribbean Football Union VP Klass has already been banned for 26mo and slapped on the wrist and been told he was naughty. And by naughty, I mean fined $5000, but when you receive nearly $40,000 in bribes that you never account for, what is $5000?

Regardless, a video by the Telegraph leaked yesterday that has Warner telling people to take the money and do whatever they'd like with it, and if they "are pious, they should go open a church" and "give the money to someone who wants it". Funny, as you can see British Virgin Island president Franka Pinkering laughing and raising her hand, showing her willingness to take the other federations' money if they don't want it.

If this isn't a guilty as hell verdict, then we are just wasting time.

Video: Telegraph

11 October, 2011

Friendly: Ecuador v USMNT Highlights

Gooch is back. So is Beasley... Too bad Ream spoils their return with shoddy marking. Jaime Ayovi who scores the lone goal of the game as Ecuador wins yet another against the US... Klinsi is now 1-3-1 to start his US career...

Video: USSoccer

09 October, 2011

Friendly: Honduras v USMNT Highlights

A nice cutback goal from Dempsey and strong play from Shea and Howard as US walks away 1-0 winners in Klinsi's first US win, a win over Honduras.

Video: USSoccer

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