29 October, 2011

EPL: Everton v Manchester United Highlights

Chicharito does it again. He salvages mediocrity out of the jaws of defeat for Man U. In a game that saw the Red Devils outpossessed and easily outshot, the Little Pea puts the only goal in and thus earns 3pts for Man U as Everton lose at home.

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EPL: Blackburn v Norwich Highlights

In a battle of 'Who Cares?" v "Who are they again?", no one wins. Case in point, today's 3-3 draw...

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EPL: Manchester City v Wolves Highlights

Clinic. Not sure what Wolves were even doing on the pitch today because they couldn't finish save for a token pk in the 2nd half. City rolls again, 3-1.

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EPL: Arsenal v Chelsea Highlights

Cold blooded. That's what Villa-Boas said Chelsea have to be. Well, after watching today's result, maybe they are. Reptiles are sluggish and sleepy in cold weather. Looked like Chelsea were today as well. For those of you at home, that's back to back losses for Chelsea. Don't know what is more shocking, the night and day play of the Gunners, or the two losses by the Blues.

Going to have to go back a while since you saw that in league play. Van Persie with the hat-trick with Santos and Walcott tossing in one each while Terry, Mata, and Lampard score for the Blues. 5-3, Chelsea loses.

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26 October, 2011

MLS Playoffs begin

The MLS regular season wrapped up on Sunday, with the Los Angeles Galaxy blowing away all the competition to win the Supporter's Shield as the top regular season team. However, regular season success does not count for anything when the eliminations begin for the MLS Cup. Think of it as a post-season Cup Tournament like the FA Cup, which has little to do with the standings in the league table and everything to do with an NCAA-style knockout tournament.

Fewer Red Cards?

According to FIFA Task Force Football 2014, led by 'Der Kaiser' Beckbauer, the idea of red carding a defender in the box, giving a pk, and the obvious game suspension that goes with the red card is too much for teams to "endure". To reduce this, the Task Force has recommended that cards be given only if they would be cardable offenses anywhere else on the pitch.

In effect, you could then see a player concede a pk yet not be carded, or only receive a yellow.

Additionally, the Task Force wants a ban on the use of electronic devices (presumably instant replay or the like) on refs off the pitch, but who are part of the match (4th official and end line officials during Euro matches) and the judging of active/passive offsides after the run of play.

While we like the idea of that active/passive, it can create issues where a player may be offsides, then while the AR is notifying of a potential offsides, misses another one that is relevant to a goal being scored and with no proposed electronic devices, the issue doesn't really resolve itself, just changes the potential offsides miscall.

Whether any or all of these suggestions are voted in favor of, will be decided March 3rd, when FIFA will propose any rule changes to happen and then later voted in July of this year, with any such approved rule changes taking effect for the 2012/13 season.

What are your thoughts on the idea of reducing red cards in the box?

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23 October, 2011

EPL: Blackburn v Tottenham Highlights

VdV is back... Despite being outshot 19/9, Spurs prove the better side in this 2-1 win at Blackburn.

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EPL: Manchester City v Manchester United Highlights

If you are a Red Devils fan, look away, because you get to see the 2nd coming of "When a rich guy buys a team and then buys everyone regardless if they can play well together or not". This one was just ugly. Man U didn't score till the 2nd half, already down 3-0 at the time, then City puts 3 in in the final 5 minutes. You read that right. 3 in the final 5. That, for you math majors at home, leaves the score 6-1, Man City. And you laughed when they trounced Spurs to start the season...

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EPL: Chelsea v QPR Highlights

Ha ha ha ha... If you told me it was April Fools, I might have believed you. Especially after looking at the scoreline. 7 Yellows, 2 Reds, and a PK goal against send Chelsea to defeat. 1-0.

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