19 November, 2011

EPL: Manchester City v Newcastle Highlights

2 penalties and a token goal by Micah Richards put City 5 pts clear of the Red Devils. Worried yet? Because this is the first loss of the season for overproducing Newcastle, I wouldn't worry yet, but money does buy a lot of wins apparently. And all without misbegotten Tevez.

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EPL: Manchester United v Swansea Highlights

Note to self... make sure if I ever play Man U, don't worry about Rooney, just make sure I mark Chicharito regardless if he has the ball or not.

Man U wins, 1-0.

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17 November, 2011

Ajax Hire Van Gaal

In a somewhat surprising move, 4 of Ajax's 5 board members approved the hiring of former Ajax coach Van Gaal as their new director. Van Gaal takes over for Rik van der Boog, who left the position this past June.

The surprising part is that Van Gaal and current board Ajax legend Johann Cruyff agree to disagree. They hate each other, but had this been any other club, Van Gaal would have been snapped up in a second as he won the CL trophy with Ajax, has been to the final with Bayern, and coached Barcelona. A star studded resume gets you far, but Van Gaal has gone on record to say he can't and will never work with Cruyff.

So this begs the question, is Cruyff being forced out at Ajax?

Possibly not. Ajax does have members, and those voting members are currently demanding an explanation from the board for the hiring. Most likely, it is because despite Van Gaal's reputation as a winner, Cruyff is a legend with Ajax, and that takes precedence.

Of note, Guus Hiddink was released from his contract with the Turkish NT this week after failing to qualify for the Euro 2012 tourney in a group that included Germany, Austria and Belgium (Turkey finished 2nd, but did not make the tourney as they weren't among the top point 2nd place teams). If you remember, Germany is the only team to win all 10 qualifying games and the first to qualify.

Maybe the board wants to rethink their decision and get a hold of Guus before some other country picks him up...

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15 November, 2011

Friendly: Slovenia v USMNT Highlights

Nothing says "US Wins!" like a Mexican announcer. Buddle, Altidore and Dempsey all score in the first half as US runs out a 4-4-2 formation to a 3-2 win in Slovenia.

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13 November, 2011

Friendly: Mexico v Serbia Highlights

Salcido scores in the 2nd minute (Mexico always likes to get on the board early) and Chicharito scores yet again, this time via pk, to down Serbia 2-0.

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Friendly: England v Spain Highlights

Despite not starting Shrek, I mean Rooney, England pulls the friendly upset as Lampard scores the lone goal. This is a shock considering Spain held possession for 71% of the game. Yeah, ESPN and BBC are both quoting those stats. Is Spain the new Brazil? All possession and no goals?

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