08 December, 2011

Christmas Soccer Ideas 2011

Stuck on what to get for the soccer obsessed person in your life? We've put together a list of some ideas for your perusal (in no particular order):

1) FIFA 2012 (Xbox, PS3, PS2) ~$40
Players can manage a club, be a player on the team, or just go head to head online. The umpteenth edition is still going strong, and now that it's been out for over a month, you may see some discounts heading into the holidays.

2) A Beautiful Game by Tom Watt (Available on Amazon) ~$16
Watt wrote a collaborative with several of the world's most recognized footballers. Includes stories by, Lionel Messi and Brazil's Gilberto Silva, Italy's Fabio Cannavaro, Spain's Iker Casillas, and France's Franck Ribery; USA's Landon Donovan and Japan's Shunsuke Nakamura, and there is even a Beckham siting.

3) The Wild Bunch by Jaochim Masanneck (Available on Amazon) ~$10
Good book targeted to young children. Great story line, and even has Landon Donovan pimping it to Soccer Moms everywhere.

07 December, 2011

CL: Bayern Munich v Manchester City Highlights

This just wasn't a good day for Manchester. First United lost to Basel... sorry, still laughing at that... and then despite beating Munich 2-0, City is knocked out as well thanks to a Napoli win over Villareal earlier in the day.

Video: FoxSports

CL: BaseL V Manchester United Highlights

Frei and Streller put the hammer to Man U and the Red Devils are knocked out of the CL in the quarters. Ouch. Guess the RAF time just didn't go United's way tonight. Hope you didn't bet on them to win it all. At least Man U can now focus on winning the League. What? They're in a close 2nd with Spurs catching up? This just isn't their year.

Video: Footytube

06 December, 2011

CL: Chelsea v Valencia Highlights

Chelsea got a brace from Drogba as Chelsea moves on in CL play over Valencia, 3-0.

Video: Dailymotion

05 December, 2011


One of FIFA's 125 living legends of soccer passed away over the weekend to septic shock. He had been hospitalized three times in the past few months.

At 57yo, the former World Cup star, had made 63 appearances for Brazil, notching 25 goals in that span. After his playing days finished, he went on to earn his MD, and spent time writing for the AP on social and political conditions as well as the game of soccer.

His tall figure, graceful moves on the field, and easily identifiable beard made him very recognizable on the pitch. He'll be missed.

Video: justlikethischannel1

04 December, 2011

EPL: Manchester City v Norwich Highlights

Tevez who? For the obscenely paid lineup of Man City, it really doesn't matter, as they chalk up yet another win, this time over hapless Norwich. Aguero, Nasri, Toure, Balotelli and Johnson all tally one, with a token goal by Norwich's Morison to prevent the shutout. They are looking tough ahead of the Carling Cup matchup against cross town United.

Video: FoxSports

EPL: Aston Villa v Manchester United Highlights

Injuries to Given and Jenas saw Brad Guzan and Emile Hesky return to the field for the first time in ages. Man U got a lone goal from Phil Jones as they walk away winners, 1-0. Word also came down that Chicharito is out for a month with ligament damage.

Video: FoxSports

EPL: Arsenal v Wigan Highlights

A bit lopsided of an affair as Arsenal gets goals from Arteta, Vermaelen, Gervinho, and RVP.

Video: FoxSports

EPL: Bolton v Tottenham Highlights

Bale, Lennon and Defoe all score as Spurs roll over Bolton on their way to their to a club record 6th straight EPL win. Bolton didn't help matters as Cahill was red carded early.

Video: Foxsports

EPL: Chelsea v Newcastle Highlights

Newcastle finally falls. And falls hard at that, 3-0 to Chelsea. Despite balanced stats, Chelsea were on form (despite a Lampard missed PK), as Drogba's 38' goal lead the way, with Kalou and Sturridge putting the dagger in with goals a minute apart just before the final whistle.

Video: Rutube

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