17 December, 2011

EPL: Chelsea v Wigan Highlights

Jordi Gomez scores a late goal to surprise Chelsea at DW Stadium as Wigan scrap a point and Chelsea falls to 4th in the table, behind Spurs.

Video: FoxSports

EPL: Bolton v Fulham Highlights

A goal and an assist for Ruiz and Dempsey puts away his 8th goal of the season to tally 38 total goals, a record for an American in the EPL. Fulham gets the rare win this season, 2-1.

Video: FoxSports

15 December, 2011

CR7 Needs All The Help He Can Get

Apparently, not one to be outdone by someone with slightly more skill on the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to use the new Mercurial Vapor Superfly III shoes.

The general idea behind the shoe is that the patterns on the shoe will deceive defenders in their marking as many players are taught to watch the feet rather than the ball when marking a player. This is akin to football players being told to watch the hips, as both will give defenders a good idea of a player's future movement, with or without the ball.

That said, there is no difference other than the graphics on the shoe that make it any different from Nike's previous iteration. Your call as to whether it'll make you or CR7 a better player.


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