23 December, 2011

Road to Mediocrity

Apparently, Eddie Johnson knows this line well. After suddenly bursting onto the scene with the USMNT and and scoring 23 in 25 appearances with the U17 US team (later scoring 7 in his first 6 matches with the full USMNT) and the subsequent signing with Fulham, EJ has, how should we put it? Dropped off a cliff.

EJ failed to score in 18 appearances during the regular season for FFC (he was prolific during preseason, but preseason doesn't count, right Cubs fans?). Fulham then loaned him out to Cardiff City, where he failed to impress, Greece's Aris where he teamed up with Freddy the largest midget in the world Adu, where he failed to impress, then out to Preston North End where his only goal in 16 appearances was actually tallied an own goal to an opponent's header.

Now, he's made the Run DMB move, and is going south of the border to Puebla to try to resurrect what is left of his career, in Mexico.

Now don't feel bad for him.

19 December, 2011

Nguyen to Vancouver

Damn boy... bout time to see him finally make it back stateside. The ex-Hoosier who skipped MLS to go to Holland to develop his game, bounced around and after rumors were floated last year that he might come back (salary differences were the contention point supposedly)he's here.

This kid was shaping up to be one of the future forwards of US Soccer, and fell off the map. Whether his diminutive size (5ft8) or his play in a 1st division off the radar (HAGL in the Vietnamese 1st division for the past few years)were the detractors, this kid has the potential to light it up and quick for a new MLS team.

You better watch out for him, and if you are playing some fantasy soccer for MLS next season, he's the sure cheap bet. You heard it here.

Video: ESPN

18 December, 2011

EPL: Arsenal v Manchester City Highlights

What do commanding possession, similar number of shots and shots on goal, and a lower payroll get you? A loss. Arsenal loses to a steam rolling Citeh on a 2nd half Silva goal. Can noone stop Citeh right now?

Video: FoxSports

EPL: Aston Villa v Liverpool

If you're Darren Bent, it's probably not a good time to be skipping a game 'injured' and then turn up at a shopping center while your team is losing 2-0 to 'Pool... Good thing no one else likes him either. Guzan puts in a subpar performance and Bellamy and Skrtel get Liverpool the 3pts away.

Video: Rutube

EPL: Tottenham v Sunderland Highlights

Roman Pavlyechenko... it doesn't matter if the spelling is off... the kid was on today. Pavs scores the lone goal off the bench to propel Spurs ahead of Chelsea and into 3rd.

Video: Foxsports

EPL: Manchester United v QPR Highlights

A rarity this season as both Rooney and Carrick get on the board as Man U walks away 2-0 winners over QPR.

Video: FoxSports

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