23 January, 2012

Damn Girl

As if going 14-0 in a single match during qualifying wasn't enough, you had to go out and drop 13 on Guatemala? Somewhere, MC Hammer is screaming about copyright infringment.

LeRoux got a natural hat-trick (3 goals in the same half, all uninterrupted)... actually, she got four before someone else found the net. Not to be outdone, Abby Wambach scored her 128th and 129th goals to pass Prinz to move to 3rd on the all-time women's scoring record. The only 2 ahead of Wambach? Kristine Lilly (130) and Mia Hamm (158). LeRoux's scoring outburst aside, we did see 8 different women score for the US.

Tuesday night will be the test, though, as the US matches up against Mexico. Mexico already beat the Dominican 7-0, so both Mexico and the US are already moving on to the semis, regardless of the result Tuesday (watch live via and who will both be streaming the game live at 9:30pm CST Tuesday).

Video: Sportsnetwork

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