20 January, 2012

Here, Hold My Cup

A few months ago, we addressed the troublesome issue of the possible banning of alcohol at the Qatari 2022 WC. What we didn't address are current legislation that bans the sale of alcohol at Russian and Brazilian stadiums.

In a recent, and something like 5th or 6th rebuke of Brazil's lack of infrastructure improvements in recent months, FIFA addressed the issue of the banning of alcohol sales. "We're not talking about alcohol, we're talking about beer," Valcke said.

Last time we checked, beer is a form of alcohol. And isn't Budweiser a major sponsor of FIFA WCs? Now forgive us for saying that FIFA is being two faced, but I didn't hear any of these same money grubbing VPs complaining about alcohol bans when they voted for Brazil, Russia and Qatar, but now they are? Oh wait, no, they still aren't publicly addressing the fobidding of alcohol in Islamic countries.

Irony, you know no bounds.

Russia, at least, is considering a possible exception. But even with that, we can only assume that they will make Budweiser pay through the nose for the rights to sell the alcohol.

Someone, please remind me why despite many medical and political flags were raised with these three countries, they were still selected over much better and more capitalistic choices like the UK and US? Oh, that's right, money. The same money and bribing that got bin Hammam kicked out of FIFA.

Sigh. Wonder if they'll ban my hip flask of scotch since I didn't techically "buy" it at the stadium? Enjoy your World Cup everyone, and be prepared to complain to the bitter end.

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