06 March, 2012

FIFA Caves... Just a Little

We mentioned a few days ago, that FIFA and the European Club Associations were bickering about who was more important, clubs or country.

Well, it would seem we have a resolution for now. Maybe.

FIFA has announced, although nothing is on paper, as usual, that in the next scheduling window for international dates (2015-2018), that February and August international friendlies will be scrapped.

While this may be a good thing, and happening, expect that FIFA won't just give up free money in their pockets for nothing. A few possibilities of what may happen to compensate:

1) International Friendlies increase in other slow times
2) More money is demanded by FIFA of the stadiums (higher ticket prices)
3) The clubs drop the demand that NTs pay insurance on player injuries

Most likely, we'll see #3 happen, with an outside chance of #1. If the increase in off season friendlies doesn't happen immediately, expect it to happen shortly thereafter though, because, we all know FIFA needs money like a prostitute on pimp pay day.

Photo: FIFALink

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