20 March, 2012

Just Messi'n Round

Damn son.

57 years.

13 Seasons.

231 goals.

For 57 years, Cesar Rodriguez's 231 goal total for Barcelona stood unassailed. It was 13 years in the making. From 1942-1955, Cesar terrorized the Spanish first division on his way to becoming Barca's most prolific scorer.

49 years later, Barcelona embarked on a new climb. One that would see a miniscule Argentinean score 234 goals for them, at a rate of 1.004 goals per game played. Ridiculous. And he did it in 5 fewer years than it took Cesar.

Lionel Messi.

His hat-trick today versus Grenada put him on a new level of renown. This season, Messi has 54 goals in all matches, 34 in league play, and 2 ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. He's scored a miraculous 6 hat-tricks this season.

While we're not sure if it is the disparity in quality of players between top 4 in Spain versus everyone else, it cannot be argued that Messi has done something amazing.

Our boots off to you, Lionel.

The first 222 of Lionel Messi's goals for Barca:

And the legend he just surpassed:

Video: Jackmcrobert, mesqueunclub1899

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