20 May, 2012

Champion's League Final: Bayern Munich v Chelsea Highlights

Chelsea...  What can you say about a team that fires the second coming of Mourinho late in the season and his replacement goes on to win the CL finals in dramatic fashion?

Well, to those fans that haven't been following the controversy, here is a breakdown of why some teams are going to be upset going into next season with the Chelsea win:

1) Spurs... Several players (Bale, Modric, VdV among others) stated they wanted CL action next season to stick around.  And they thought they had it, finishing 4th (guaranteed action, albeit through qualification stages).  The problem?  Only 4 EPL teams are allowed to play in CL to allow some of the smaller leagues to get a cut.  The previous season's winner also gets an automatic bid.  So in this case, 1-3rd (Man City, Man U, and Arsenal all qualify) and now that Chelsea won, they qualify too.  Spurs, therefore, get bumped despite finishing 2 places higher in the league than Chelsea.  Spurs do get Europa League action, but is that enough?

2) Some random CL bound Euro team.  According to UEFA, the as 3rd place finishers, Arsenal gets the automatic group berth stage.  The previous winners (in this case, Chelsea) will also get group stage starts, so some team that was going to start in the group stages now has to go through qualification.  Sucks to be them.

3) Bayern had 42 shots in the game.  Missed numerous chances from Gomez and Robben missed several chances and a last minute pk to ice it before shootout.  Someone is going to get fired.

4) Fans in general.  Besides the frequent pans to the crowd of fat ugly female Chelsea fans (I can't recall a single one under 15 stone or worth a rating above a 2 out of 10.  Did they seriously forget all the hot WAGs for Bayern?) on Fox, Chelsea played 'un'football.  The bunker defense style worked in the semis for them and now, the finals too.  We weren't entertained by beautiful high scoring football, but rather 7 in the box and stopping shot after shot after shot.  Somewhere, Blatter is roiling over the idea of how to now increase scoring again...

Regardless, in the end, Chelsea isn't a bad team and congrats to them for winning.  But, for tons of fans everywhere... damn Bayern, why couldn't you just win.

Video: Footytube

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