25 May, 2012

From Sepp with Love

During the recent FIFA committee meeting in Hungary, among other things discussed, was the stance that FIFA should be more transparent and reduce corruption.

"Hooray," said Sepp.  "But don't make it too transparent or any less corrupt."

Several of the topics discussed was an age limit on committee members, background checks on all senior members and create a hotline for whistleblowers (like that would do anything when you are reporting on the guys who check the phones)... and they even approved the addition of the first female Ex-co member, Lydia Nyskeri, of Burundi.

Seppo, as usual, stated in cryptic terms that something would be done and not done at the same time. 'Even if Professor Pieth will say we shall not cherry-pick, we cannot take the whole tree,'' said Blatter, hailing delegates for overwhelming support to the first reform package."

Honestly, none of the suggestions sounded radical, even the one where they publicly list the members' salaries. Our experience is just like dealing with invasive honeysuckle bushes, burn the whole tree down, dig up the roots, and plant a new tree to replace it.  It's the only way you will solve the problem.

Good luck with this 'round' of reforms.

Photo: Multipolar Future

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