25 May, 2012

No Shootouts for You

In yet another rant of 'I didn't like who won the CL finals', Sepp Blatter is asking Beckenbauer to look into an alternative to the penalty shootout finish. Many of you may remember the abortive attempts of FIFA to have the 'golden goal' rule applied and the many games that kept going and going because someone had to win, and damned be the player's health. Well, now, FIFA is trying to find another alternative. What exactly that alternative may be, expect it to somehow generate more revenue in some lucrative deal with FIFA. Suggestions we've heard have included having fans vote for the better team, and the team with the best record winning, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having them even play in the first place. Sepp, quit screwing with the game. For someone who gleans his entire income from in hidden/secret side deals, you should realize if you scare off the fans, you scare off your paycheck.

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