02 June, 2012

Bob Bradley, Winner?

Don't look now, but since Bob Bradley took over for Egypt in November 2011, he's led Egypt to an amazing 10-2-1 (despite Wiki saying more, they had started counting when he was hired, not when he started coaching as FIFA records it).

Egypt's sole loss was an expected 2-0 loss to Brazil, in Skeletor's inaugural match at the helm for Egypt. Granted, several of the wins were against African minnows such as Chad (4-0 win), Mauritania (3-0 win) and Lebanon (4-1 win), but he also managed wins against Nigeria (3-2 win), Cameroon (2-1 win) and Togo (3-0 win).

With games against no solid challenger on the horizon, Egypt may be starting off towards WC qualification in a great position. Upcoming games include those against Guinea, Sudan (not the newly recognized team of South Sudan) and Lebanon again. Their 2-0 win over Mozambique was a great start for qualifying and they did so in front of an empty stadium as the trial of Hosny Mubaraq necessitated some restraint to prevent any violent outbursts during the match.

"Our goal is to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil," said Bob post game. If he can weather the storm of political uncertainty in Egypt as of late and get Egypt to the World Cup again, I think he'll have a pretty good laugh at the expense of those who rode him out of town in the US.* * We here at TSI still think that was the right thing to do and he wasn't the type of coach or person that was going to take the US to the next level.

Photo: Egyptian FA

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