17 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Greece v Russia Highlights

If you were wondering why both the Greece/Russia match and Czech Rep./Poland match kicked off at the same time, it's because they didn't want a team throwing a match. Guess you can't trust footballers anymore, eh? Well, regardless, this was a stunning day of football. Not because of how big a score they had, but rather, who won. Greece gets an early goal and goes on to upset Russia, 1-0, knocking them out of the tournament. Not that the Russians didn't try this match, it might have been they just couldn't focus on the pitch with all their hot fans in the stands. Video: RUtube

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  1. So weird that they use head-to-head instead of goal difference, so that Russia with the best goal difference in the group (+3), loses the tiebreaker to Greece with a zero goal difference. Oh well, I did say that Greece would be runners-up of this group, I just didn't say to whom. You just assumed I meant Russia.


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