08 June, 2012

Euro 2012 Group A Action

While the first match of the day was a snoozer with two reds and a competition to draw fouls and not play football for the last 25mins, the 2nd match, between Czech Republic and Russia was lively.  Here's how Group A breaks down so far:

Russia   1-0-0   3pts   +3GD
Poland   0-1-0   1pt    +0GD
Greece  0-1-0    1pt    +0GD
Czech R 0-0-1   0pts   -3GD

So what was your favorite game today?  Do you think this is how the bracket will finish?

Photo: Uefa

1 comment:

  1. The group will finish in this sequence except Greece should finish in second ahead of Poland. Greece were the better team and got cheated by the red card late in the first half on a non-foul. The game was in Warsaw, perhaps the referee was influenced by the crowd reactions, but I saw Poland as the far dirtier team. If Greece could have converted a penalty kick they would have won with 2 goals coming 10 against 11. But they didn't. Nice save by Poland's backup GK Perzemyslaw Tyton while cold straight off the bench. At least it wasn't Georgios Samaras who blew the PK. He would never live it down.

    However, Russia were spectacular and will easily win this group. Totally dominant in every phase of the game, but also frequent failure to mark by the Czech defense. And, Roman Pavlyuchenko was Russia's co-top goal scorer in qualifying (tied with today's 2-goal hero Alan Dzagoev), yet Pavl comes in off the bench. As soon as he came in the game, I told my son he would score, and he did.


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