02 June, 2012

Friendly: Italy v Russia Highlights

Oh Italy, how you suck so badly lately... First the bribery/match fixing, the losing to the US 1-0 (or was that vice versa) and now heading into Euros you lose 3-0 to Russia? Wow. I hope this is just a ploy to make other teams think you are really bad, because you sure have me.
Russia 3-0 Italy (Friendly) by goalsarena2012-3 Video: Daily Motion

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  1. Italy does not stand a chance in Euro 2012. Russia, on the other hand, are a favorite to win their group. The winner of Group B (most likely Germany) will win the whole thing. The other members of the Group of Death are Portugal, Netherlands, and Denmark. No weakling in the group at all! Shame two of them won't advance.


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