14 June, 2012

No More Wheelin' Dealin' from Spurs

Arry is gone.  Four years, with a year left on contract.  Levy tends to not just cut managers loose unless he has viable alternatives available (see Juande Ramos and Martin Jol as examples).

Not long ago, Harry was THE manager.  He was the top possible candidate for England going into Euros and the Olympics.  His team was in the top 3 in the EPL with CL action almost a given.  His team just couldn't seem to lose. 

Now Harry Redknapp has not NT position for England, and now no EPL job to speak of.

Despite finishing Top 4 and having a solid record against clubs like Chelsea, there was no silverware of real import.  No FA Cup while he was in charge.  And with the freakish luck Chelsea had finishing in 6th, Spurs should have been going to at least group action in the Champions League, but having won the CL Trophy, Chelsea gets the nod because of parity and Spurs are relegated to Europa League yet again.

Can't really fault Levy on this one.  Rumors of financial misdealings by Harry hurt Spurs and with talk of Modric, Bale and RVV leaving this offseason, they had to make a move. 

Current talk is of Everton's Moyes taking over for Spurs.  It seems a good fit as Moyes makes do with little (a big hit with Levy), has a good playing career, and consistently produces.  Add the fact that Moyes also has a year left on contract and has been prolonging re-upping with Everton, and you have a possible match.

Will it happen?  Will it happen soon?  Those are the questions for Spurs fans, because if they can't settle on a great coach and soon, three of their best players are gone and they will be rudderless going into next season with a suspect backline and many old players.

Photo: Tottenham

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