21 August, 2012

Spurs Form Up

It was only a matter of time... and how much they were willing to pay up front to keep their weekly wage bill low as Adebayor signs with Spurs from Man City for a £6mil fee and his 170K/week salary sees a cut to keep it in line.

With this signing, Spurs finally have the pair up top they want, quick little Defoe (who finds goal frequently) and big bad Ade (who finds goal frequently).

The next question is who do they bring in to replace the outgoing Modric?

In other news, Spurs send Dawson packing after recent lackluster and injury filled games to QPR, Bassong to Norwich (they seem to like Spurs defenders lately, don't they?) and talk of Huddlestone (who hasn't featured for Spurs in quite some time) off to join Crouch at Stoke.  No word yet on Dos Santos (who impresses everyone but his club), Bentley (who only impresses himself) and Jenas (who impresses no one).

Photo: Tottenham Hotspurs

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