21 September, 2012

Europa League: Lazio v Tottenham Highlights

Pretty brutal referee last night.  Spurs dominated and Lazio managed to smack a nice dipping shot into the crossbar, but this ended 0-0, much to the disappointment of everyone.  There was even a Miroslav Klose sighting.

Why?  You might ask?

3 disallowed goals for Spurs.

The first, Dempsey was offsides, close, but offsides.  Despite that, it would have been a beautiful goal.

The second, Caulker's goal off a corner was disallowed for "pushing off".  If you watch the replays, they both had hands out, but the defender is clearly tugging Caulker's jersey down, and last time I checked, trying to play the player and not the ball puts you in a dangerous position.  Regardless, the ploy worked and a good goal was disallowed.

The third, Bale was ruled offsides, wrongly, on a through ball by Dempsey.  Dempsey later even had a shot blocked by a handball in the box that was waved on.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw so many disallowed goals in a match.  The Romanian ref, apparently was having an "off" night.  As many Spurs fans will say later, though, "I hope he was paid well".

Video: footytube

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