07 November, 2012

EPL Is Your New NFL Pregame Ritual

I know some of this got lost in the mess that was the Presidential Election the past week, but in case you missed it, EPL rights starting for the 2013 season were up for bids a few months back.

The three finalists:

ABC/ESPN (status quo)
BeINSports (Al-Jazeera's new sports channel)

So ABC put in their usual bid.  BeINSports put in the expected bid to steal it away from ABC... then NBC came and blew them both out of the water.

With a bid nearly 3x what ABC bid (ABC's was reportedly $23mil), NBC has won the bid.

So what does that mean?

Well, NBC has promised to show 6 games each week. Live.  Whether that will be split between MSNBC, USA, NBC Sports, and NBC, it's not clear.  With games on Saturday and Sunday, typically, that means we are going to be seeing some morning or early afternoon matches on primetime and then comes Sunday where NBC will be putting the EPL matches up against NFL pregame.

With NBC already doing well with MLS, how do you think they'll do with a pregame of footie followed by NFL?  I'm not sure what the British slang is for pretty freaking well, but it's that.

Game on NBC.  No word on what we can expect from ESPN now that they have no EPL or MLS.  Perhaps we'll start seeing some J-League, Bundesliga or more Series A?

Photo: NBC

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