01 February, 2012

73 dead, 1000's injured in Port Said

A few hours ago, following a 3-1 home win over top ranked Al-Ahly, fans of Al-Masry stormed the field and attacked fans of rival Al-Ahly. According to Al Jazeera news, the Muslim Brotherhood claims that the attacks were instigated by anti-Islamic supporters of toppled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. However, Al Jazeera news also states that the Al-Ahly fans were verbally abusive toward the Al-Masry fans and provoked the attacks. The belief seems to be that years of violence between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly supporters has increased since the 2011 change in power atop Egypt, and is almost certainly due to politics and not soccer. The most recent reports indicate 73 fans are dead, thousands injured, and two Al-Ahly players suffered light injuries. The Egyptian Premier League is suspended until further notice.

30 January, 2012


After sweeping through the qualifying for the Olympics 2012 in London like Charlie Sheen on Tiger Blood, the USWNT decided to put their emphatic stamp on the tourney and ensure a top seed. Wambach nets two to move her to 2nd all time in FIFA's top women goal scorers (131) and the US rolls to a 4-0 win that wasn't as close as the scoreline indicates.

So what does this mean for the US? Not too much. We already qualified by making it to the CONCACAF finals. And this is one of the top teams in the world on a regular basis, but I have to disagree somewhat with other educated pundits out there as the fact that we did not concede a goal, despite losing a starter to an ACL tear and we did it against some occasionally tough competition (we lost to Mexico, albeit a surprise 2-1 upset, in WC qualifying just last year). The USWNT should have won 1st place, which it did, and should have shut out their opponents, which they did, and should have qualified, which they did. So why no love for the WNT when they do get it right, dominating the competition with some records broken?

Now comes word that the on and off women's pro league, aka WPS (this time around) has been suspended indefinitely. The women still have to train. And just because we're #1 now, without a national league, do we still give them props when they do win in the WC in 2015?

Video: Universal Sports

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