03 March, 2012

EPL: Arsenal v Liverpool Highlights

These ones are always a good close match. The problem is when you see 8 minutes of stoppage time after the score is level at 1-1 at the end of 90'. A Arsenal own goal, leveled by a RvP goal in regulation. Arteta taking his time on the pitch early in the 2nd half and the ref grants Sir Alex time to the away team. Arsenal wins, 2-1.

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EPL: Chelsea v West Brom Highlights

Wow, someone is going to get fired over this. When you are Chelsea, sitting in 5th in the tables, just teetering on the edge of not going to Europe next year, you don't lose to WBA. Guess no one told Villa Boras that. WBA wins at home, 1-0.

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29 February, 2012

Friendly: Italy v USMNT Highlights

Where is that quality win they asked... Klinsmann hadn't won a big time game yet.

Then Wednesday happened.

Dempsey, the leading US goalscorer in Europe, put one past Buffon, and the US runs away with a 1-0 win at Italy.

78 years.

11 games.

1st win in all that time over Italy.

More importantly, a big win for the US, for Klinsi, and just in case your friends say that Italy was "missing players", tell them this:

US was without captain Landycakes. The US was outshot 19 (7 SOG) to 4 (2 SOG) and only possessed the ball for 1/3 of the match, in Italy, in Ferarris Stadium, where the Italians have never lost with a lineup including Buffon, Motta, De Rossi and Pirlo while the US started Goodson at CB. The US also subbed in Eddie Johnson and Terrance Boyd late in the game... EJ... and Boyd...

Yeah, Italy pretty much bit the big one on this match. Best 2 of 3?

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27 February, 2012

EPL: Arsenal v Tottenham Highlights

When you are up 2-0 in the first half, the last thing you expect is a 5-2 loss, but that's what happened.

A 4th minute goal by Saha. A 34th minute pk by Ade. Then it all falls apart.

Spurs give up 5 unanswered goals and the missing players prove Spurs undoing.


EPL: Manchester United v Norwich City

Giggs and Scholes. Scholes and Giggs. That's all it takes for Man U to win. Remember that in a few years when all you have holding this team up is Chicharito.

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26 February, 2012

And I Say Good Day to You, Sir

Sorry, been enjoying the lovely beaches and women here in the US Virgin Islands for the last few days, and posting will be spotty for a few more till I get back...

There was talk of UEFA clubs being very upset with FIFA about 6 months ago. The crux was that players were being called up way too often for club liking and then, when injured, the clubs were not compensated well enough.

Now, the argument may seem kind of petty but realize this, FIFA teams aren't in it for the money, only those running it are. Clubs, are in it for the money, and spend serious cash on players, facilities and whatnot. They view the International call-ups to be a reward, which I whole-heartedly agree with in view.

So, March th, FIFA has a scheduled meeting with club presidents, of which, the European Club Association and it's Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Ruminegge, represent 200 or so clubs. They are still voicing their issues with FIFA and the call ups and are instead vocalizing that they will boycott the meetings which setup a schedule for the 2015-2022 WC window.

Instead, they are planning a meeting on Monday in which they will forward their suggestions of how the player call-ups will go and a proposed schedule.

If you remember, there was talk of UEFA region clubs actually splitting of from FIFA and forming their own federation that seemed to flounder, but should FIFA just be too greedy for their own good, see that it might come up again, as this truly is a battle between who should make money, clubs, or FIFA.


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