09 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Germany v Portugal Highlights

Apparently, CR7 didn't get the memo that more stepovers does not equal more goals. Germany puts one in the back of the net, and wins. Simple. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: Denmark v Netherlands Highlights

Solid match with Holland trying hard to equalize in the 2nd half equals, great match. Denmark with the upset in a tough Group B, 1-0. Video: RUtube

08 June, 2012

WCQ CONCACAF: Antigua v. USMNT Highlights

Lackluster. That's all I can say. We were short several defenders so we went with a 4-4-3 and couldn't put much offense together. Dempsey did okay, Altidore didn't show for the 10 or so minutes he was on the pitch... We win, 3-1, but ho-hum... Video: USSoccer

Euro 2012 Group A Action

While the first match of the day was a snoozer with two reds and a competition to draw fouls and not play football for the last 25mins, the 2nd match, between Czech Republic and Russia was lively.  Here's how Group A breaks down so far:

Russia   1-0-0   3pts   +3GD
Poland   0-1-0   1pt    +0GD
Greece  0-1-0    1pt    +0GD
Czech R 0-0-1   0pts   -3GD

So what was your favorite game today?  Do you think this is how the bracket will finish?

Photo: Uefa

Euro 2012: Greece v Poland Highlights

Despite what ESPN called a 'lively affair', this was a snooze fest. Two reds in 75' of action, a saved pk shot (it was weak) and then playing for a draw/penalties... Rather disappointing, but here are the highlights of the opening game of Euro 2012. Final score, 1-1. Video: RUtube

Euro 2012: Czech Republic v Russia Highlights

4 goals on 5 shots on goal. I think it's safe to say that Russia dominated today. Perhaps their 3-0 thrashing of Italy just days ago wasn't as much of a fluke as we thought. Keep an eye on them. Russia runs away Group A leaders after the first match, 4-1. Video: RUtube

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