15 June, 2012

Euro 2012: France v Ukraine Highlights

It was all France on this one. Ukraine couldn't get anything going, and one of the hosts is now left on the precipice of getting bounced from the tourney they are hosting. France wins, 2-0. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: England v Sweden Highlights

Great game. We had everything. There was a goofy looking Andy Carroll sighting, several goal lead changes and England came back to win off of perhaps the goal of the tourney, a backheel flick from Walbeck. Video: footyroom

14 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Ireland v Spain Highlights

Fernando Torres, where have you been? Torres scored the fastest goal (by 2 seconds) ever by Spain in Euro play and puts away another as Spain cruises and puts Ireland out of the competition with 1 game still to play. Video: sportnetworld

Euro 2012: Croatia v Italy Highlights

Despite a first half stunning free kick goal by Italy, Croatia held on and pulls a late equalizer and earn a point. Croatia and Spain now sit on 4pts and if Italy are to move on, they need to win their next match and big or they go home. Video: Dailymotion

No More Wheelin' Dealin' from Spurs

Arry is gone.  Four years, with a year left on contract.  Levy tends to not just cut managers loose unless he has viable alternatives available (see Juande Ramos and Martin Jol as examples).

Not long ago, Harry was THE manager.  He was the top possible candidate for England going into Euros and the Olympics.  His team was in the top 3 in the EPL with CL action almost a given.  His team just couldn't seem to lose. 

Now Harry Redknapp has not NT position for England, and now no EPL job to speak of.

Despite finishing Top 4 and having a solid record against clubs like Chelsea, there was no silverware of real import.  No FA Cup while he was in charge.  And with the freakish luck Chelsea had finishing in 6th, Spurs should have been going to at least group action in the Champions League, but having won the CL Trophy, Chelsea gets the nod because of parity and Spurs are relegated to Europa League yet again.

Can't really fault Levy on this one.  Rumors of financial misdealings by Harry hurt Spurs and with talk of Modric, Bale and RVV leaving this offseason, they had to make a move. 

Current talk is of Everton's Moyes taking over for Spurs.  It seems a good fit as Moyes makes do with little (a big hit with Levy), has a good playing career, and consistently produces.  Add the fact that Moyes also has a year left on contract and has been prolonging re-upping with Everton, and you have a possible match.

Will it happen?  Will it happen soon?  Those are the questions for Spurs fans, because if they can't settle on a great coach and soon, three of their best players are gone and they will be rudderless going into next season with a suspect backline and many old players.

Photo: Tottenham

Euro 2012: Germany v Netherlands Highlights

Gomez was on fire, and sure the Dutch were a bit lacking on anything resembling defense for stretches of time, but this result sees Germany through to the next round and the Dutch may just crash out early after this 2-1 loss for them.

Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: Denmark v Portugal Highlights

This was just another great day of soccer.  Someone just forgot to tell C. Ronaldo that he isn't 'The' Portuguese team.  A great all around effort by Portugal and Bendtner couldn't carry the Danes with just his two header goals as this one ended in a tight 3-2 finish.

Video: Rutube

13 June, 2012

Rangers FC to be Liquidated

Surprising in that I haven't seen many places pick this up. If you follow SPL or the Old Rivalry between Rangers and Celtic, you may no longer get your fix. Rangers has been struggling to meet revenue, it is the SPL after all, and finally the lack of income caught up with them. More specifically, Her Majesty's Revenue caught up with them as they now owe about £21 million.

Rangers have been looking for a way to avoid punishment and even sought out new investors, but this may be all for naught as owner Charles Green may try to at least buy Rangers assets (estimated around £5.5 million) but that won't guarantee that his new company which would own Ibrox, would be able to play in the SPL.

On top of that, the rest of the clubs have to vote to let Rangers stay, and even if they do stay, they won't be allowed to play in European tourneys for 3 years. That's pretty much a death knell for a SPL club trying to make money.

Expect to see USMNT players Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya and Carlos Bocanegra all to be hitting the pavement to look for new clubs in the offseason.

CONCACAF WC Qualifying: Guatemala v USMNT Highlights

In case you missed it all with Euros going on, the US was playing a qualifier in Guatemala. While Dempsey did score, we were wholly playing flat footed and a late equalizer by Guatemala ruined the US chances of earning 3pts in a tough stadium. We still sit first in our group for qualifying but now with 4pts, we are tied with Jamaica.

Group A       MP    W    D    L    GF    GA    Pts
USA              2      1     1     0     4       2       4
Jamaica         2      1     1     0     2       1       4
Guatemala      2     0     1     1      2      3        1
Ant./Barbuda  2     0     1     1      1      3         1

Video: Ussoccer

Euro 2012: Poland v Russia Highlights

Tight match as Russia just couldn't find a way to put the game out of reach of Poland. 1-1 Final. Video: Dailymotion

12 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Czech Republic v Greece Highlights

A spectacular first half. Two goals by the Czechs in the first 6 minutes, the Greeks swap keepers by the 22nd minute and then an offsides goal called back on Greece. The second half saw the Czechs hold on to the lead, and despite a early 2nd half goal from Greece, we see Greece holding up the table and in need of a win against Russia and some luck to get past the group stages. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: England v France Highlights

I apologize now for the long highlights here (nearly 15mins), but it is the best quality one I could find. An early goal by Lescott couldn't overcome a stronger attack minded France and a solid Nasri goal as France and England play out to a 1-1 draw. Video: Soccers.fc

Euro 2012: Sweden v Ukraine Highlights

Beautiful game! A goal from perennial ass Ibrahimovich only to be one upped by 35yo Ukrainian Schevchenko who not only drew Ukraine level, but then finished the scoring and earned Ukraine the 3pts. Video: Dailymotion

10 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Croatia v Ireland Highlights

Ireland fell apart as Croatia struck early and often to put themselves in the lead in Group C. Croatia 3, Ireland 1. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: Italy v Spain Highlights

A late fury of shots in the first half was all that showed a diving match wasn't on from Italy. A lenient ref also saw several yellows handed out although more were warranted and Balotelli luckily was pulled for begging for a card. 2 goals in the span of 5 minutes see Italy pull a point against Spain. Lucky, lucky. Video: Dailymotion

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