23 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Germany v Greece Highlights

It's the Euro vs. Austerity... not really, but the country suffering through financial difficulties takes on the country most likely footing a majority of the bill... It wasn't even close. A great Samaras goal for Greece, but it was all Germany who went up 4-1 before giving up a token penalty by Boateng on a handball in the box late in the game. The funny part was that Boateng just shrugged and went "oh well" and so did Germany as they cruise through 4-2 winners. Video: Footytube

22 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Czech Republic v Portugal Highlights

C. Ronaldo sighting as Portugal squeeks by the Czechs 1-0. Winner will take on France v Spain winners. Video: Footytube

20 June, 2012

Euro 2012: England v Ukraine Highlghts

And so, both hosts have been eliminated in the group stages. England fans were warned before and during the match to not stick around when the match finished possibly due to the fact that there would be some upset home team fans mulling about. Rooney returned to the pitch and scored the lone goal of the match off a redirect off a cross that clipped some Ukraninan player's junk. Poor guy. Coupled with the France loss, England strolls into the elimination rounds in 1st. England 1, Ukraine 0. Video: Footyroom

Euro 2012: France v Sweden Highlights

Not sure what France was trying to accomplish here, but they laid down for Sweden like they were being invaded yet again. This game wasn't even close except that France couldn't score while Sweden had no problem. Definitely worth watching the replay if you get the chance. Ibrahimovic with an early 2nd half goal and Larsson putting the nail in the coffin just before the whistle. Sweden goes home happy, 2-0. Video:

19 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Ireland v Italy Highlights

Italy would move on if either a) Croatia and Spain draw and they win, or b) they win and either Spain or Croatia win. As a further bonus, if Croatia and Spain draw, Italy can go through in 1st place in the group on GD... Interesting. Ireland, already eliminated, were just fighting to save face. Italy got an early goal from Cassano and Balotelli made a late appearance to run up the score. He made a fantastic side volley shot and seemed ready to talk trash to his own coach but was calmed down by the players on the pitch. This could be interesting in the future. Italy wins, 2-0, but finishes behind Spain. Video: Footytube

Euro 2012: Croatia v Spain Highlights

With the score tied 0-0 late into the game, Spain finally decided to stop playing with the ball and put it into the net. Guess someone told them that Italy was up 1-0 in their match and they needed to ensure they got a 2nd team seed. Navas with the lone goal. Spain wins, 1-0. Video: Footytube

18 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Denmark v Germany Highlights

Germany scored first with a strike from hot/cold Podolski (he's really on his 100th CAP?!) but Denmark tied it up just minutes later. In the second half, as the score from the Portugal v Netherlands game came through, some substitutions were made by Germany. One, was the winning sub. A late overlapping run and poor marking left an easy tap in for Bender as Germany win this one and 1st in the group, 2-1. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: Netherlands v Portugal Highlights

Netherlands got shredded. Despite an 11' goal by RVV, their defense was lacking and Cristiano Ronaldo finally decided to show up. Portugal moves on 2-1 winners. Video:

17 June, 2012

Euro 2012: Czech Republic v Poland Highlights

Another match highlight I will apologize for. Great video, but on short notice, this one is a bit on the long side. Either way, enjoy another dominating match as the Czech Republic knocks Poland out of the tourney they host. 1-0. Czechs and Greeks move on from Group A. Video: Dailymotion

Euro 2012: Greece v Russia Highlights

If you were wondering why both the Greece/Russia match and Czech Rep./Poland match kicked off at the same time, it's because they didn't want a team throwing a match. Guess you can't trust footballers anymore, eh? Well, regardless, this was a stunning day of football. Not because of how big a score they had, but rather, who won. Greece gets an early goal and goes on to upset Russia, 1-0, knocking them out of the tournament. Not that the Russians didn't try this match, it might have been they just couldn't focus on the pitch with all their hot fans in the stands. Video: RUtube

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