25 August, 2012

EPL Tottenham v WBA Highlights

Well this can't be reassuring for Spurs fans.  A late goal by Morrison steal a point away at White Hart Lane as Spurs find their early going muddle yet again.  Will they be able to wrap up some signings to get their scoring going again?  Or will AVB be yet another quick in and out manager for them?

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EPL: Fulham v Manchester United Highlights

Man U needed only the 1st half as they dominated Fulham.  Fulham for their part scored an early 3rd minute goal by Duff and were gifted by an own goal from Vidic to keep an otherwise lopsided game resembling some decency.  Man U win, 3-2.


EPL: Swansea v West Ham Highlights

Don't look now, but Swansea are coming out STRONG!  Rangel, Michu and Graham all score as Swansea go 3-0 and move back into 2nd place without having conceeded a goal in their first two matches.

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EPL: Chelsea v Newcastle Highlights

In a matchup of teams that seem destined for the top 4, if early indicators are to be believed, Chelsea scored on an early pk by Hazard and then doubled the score as Torres put another one into the back of the net.  Chelsea win, 2-0.

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23 August, 2012

EPL: Chelsea v Reading Highlights

When you see such a disparity in the stats as 72/28 possession and 27/7 on shots, you know there is going to be a blowout of some sort.  Well, thanks to two quick goals by Reading before the end of the 1st half, Chelsea and DiMatteo were a little worried that's what would happen. 

Lucky for them, that 2-1 lead dissolved and Torres, Cahill and Ivanovic all stepped up to push Chelsea to the top of the league (it's early, I know) with a 4-2 win.

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22 August, 2012

EPL: Everton v Manchester United Highlights

Moral of the story, all you need is a dude with a cool afro to beat Man U...  Fellani scores the lone goal as RVP failed to impress and Man U dominated for long stretches.  But if you think possession and shots mean everything, ask Chelsea how they won the CL...  Everton in the upset, 1-0.

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21 August, 2012

Spurs Form Up

It was only a matter of time... and how much they were willing to pay up front to keep their weekly wage bill low as Adebayor signs with Spurs from Man City for a £6mil fee and his 170K/week salary sees a cut to keep it in line.

With this signing, Spurs finally have the pair up top they want, quick little Defoe (who finds goal frequently) and big bad Ade (who finds goal frequently).

The next question is who do they bring in to replace the outgoing Modric?

In other news, Spurs send Dawson packing after recent lackluster and injury filled games to QPR, Bassong to Norwich (they seem to like Spurs defenders lately, don't they?) and talk of Huddlestone (who hasn't featured for Spurs in quite some time) off to join Crouch at Stoke.  No word yet on Dos Santos (who impresses everyone but his club), Bentley (who only impresses himself) and Jenas (who impresses no one).

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20 August, 2012

EPL: Chelsea v Wigan Highlights

All Chelsea seem to do now is bunker defense... oh and win.  Two goals in the first 10' and Chelsea sat back and watched as Wigan threw everything AND the kitchen sink at them, only to come up short.  This was a quick and nasty affair as Chelsea win, 2-0.

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EPL: Manchester City v Southampton Highlights

Despite holding the lion's share of possession and shots, Man City barely scraped out a last second win at home against EPL fresh faces, Southampton in this 3-2 winner.  It only cost them Aguero, who tore an ACL, to win.  Question now is, will Man City buy him a new body and transplant his brain, or make him into the $1mil man?

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19 August, 2012

EPL: Arsenal v Sunderland Highlights

Arsenal fans, welcome to a life of no RVP, no Song, no Vela, no Miyachi and a new striker named Podolski.  In this 0-0 match that saw Arsenal dominate everything but the score sheet (70% possession, 23 shots to 4), Gunner fans were treated to a lackluster Podolski that always seems to fail club, but rarely country.  Can he get back the spark he had the first time he was with 1. FC Koln or will he be the one we saw when he had his second stint there? 

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EPL: QPR v Swansea highlights

Wow, twice in one day we see a lopsided 5-0 result.  In this case, Cuesta, the former Rayo Vallecano mid, and Dyer both score a brace and QPR is embarrassed at home.

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EPL: Fulham v Norwich Highlights

Dempsey who? 

Damn Fulham, don't hurt them too bad.  Norwich got slapped and slapped hard today.  Duff scored in the middle of the first half on the way to 5 goals (2 by Petric) by FFC in this huge route to open the season.  Fulham were looking tough, but it was only Norwich... right?

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EPL: Newcastle v Tottenham Highlights

Newcastle came out strong again this season.  Demba Ba is on the sheet again (if you don't have him in your FL, you are missing out) and Defoe was back to his old ways when given a chance to start for Spurs.  The problem for Spurs is their lack of scoring now that Modric is out (soon to be officially transferred) and they no longer have Ade up top after last season's loan.  They better hope they rectify it soon or expect them to finish mid table at best.

Newcastle wins this on a late penalty, 2-1.

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EPL: Liverpool v West Brom Highlights

And so the season begins anew.  Perhaps Liverpool would like last season back.  What could have been a 4-0 result against luckily was only a 3-0 against.

Maybe Liverpool is just saving up goals for when they play Man City and Man U...

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