21 September, 2012

Europa League: Lazio v Tottenham Highlights

Pretty brutal referee last night.  Spurs dominated and Lazio managed to smack a nice dipping shot into the crossbar, but this ended 0-0, much to the disappointment of everyone.  There was even a Miroslav Klose sighting.

Why?  You might ask?

3 disallowed goals for Spurs.

The first, Dempsey was offsides, close, but offsides.  Despite that, it would have been a beautiful goal.

The second, Caulker's goal off a corner was disallowed for "pushing off".  If you watch the replays, they both had hands out, but the defender is clearly tugging Caulker's jersey down, and last time I checked, trying to play the player and not the ball puts you in a dangerous position.  Regardless, the ploy worked and a good goal was disallowed.

The third, Bale was ruled offsides, wrongly, on a through ball by Dempsey.  Dempsey later even had a shot blocked by a handball in the box that was waved on.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw so many disallowed goals in a match.  The Romanian ref, apparently was having an "off" night.  As many Spurs fans will say later, though, "I hope he was paid well".

Video: footytube

19 September, 2012

CL: Manchester City v Real Madrid Highlights

Wow.  Two teams I dislike, but damn if they don't put on a good show.  And if you missed the first half, no worries, it was 0-0 going into the half.


5 goals and a last second game winner.

Real Madrid wins 3-2.

Jose Mourinho shows his best "poop" face.  Awesome.

szólj hozzá: Real - Manchester City  Highlights CL HD


18 September, 2012

EPL: Reading v Tottenham Highlights

Jermaine Defoe.  He's fast, he's little.  He'll score right up the middle.

Spurs finally get their first win, 3-1.  Now if only they can do it against a real team.

Video: dailymotion

17 September, 2012

EPL: Chelsea v QPR Highlights

Bit of a testy match, what with the reunion of Cole and Terry.  That said, a well earned 0-0 draw seeing 1st place Blues being held scoreless.

Video: GSMInsider

EPL: Arsenal v Southampton Highlights

Arsenal scored 4 times, but they didn't need to score at all this match to win.  Southampton did all the work for them. 

Two own goals by Southampton in the first half were all that were needed as Arsenal run roughshot 6-1 in this win.

Video: BBCsport

EPL: Manchester United v Wigan Highlights

Chicharito may have missed an early pk, but 4 goals later, Man U easily won.  Scholes scores on his 700th appearance for the Red Devils and Wigan were hardly a threat in this one.

Man U wins, 4-0.

Video: BBCSport

EPL: Manchester City v Stoke Highlights

We have some Peter Crouch sightings. 

Stoke clear the lines and hang on tight to draw Man City despite only having 4 shots and being completely out possessed.  Perhaps Man City was looking ahead to CL action against Real Madrid.  Either way, Stoke walks away happy.

Video: BBCSports

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