21 March, 2013

They See Me Rollin

Well, not so much, but they are definitely hatin.

Bruce Arena, wherefore art thou, Bruce Arena?

"Players on the national team should be - and this is my own feeling - they should be Americans," Arena told ESPN's The Magazine.  "If they're all born in other countries, I don't think we can say we are making progress."

Oh, there you are. Hmmm... Interesting words.  Let's see... if someone is born to US parents, aren't they citizens of the US? Um... Dooley. Holden. Feilhaber.  Adu.  Ernie Stewart. Tab Ramos.   Germany, Scotland, Brazil, Ghana, Netherlands, Uruguay.  All played under Arena, or shortly thereafter.  Agoos... yeah, the Goose was born in Switzerland...

"I don't even know some of the players, which is odd as the former coach," said Arena.

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce...  Considering you played pretty much the same lineup day in, day out for 3 years and didn't do much when it counted in Germany, 2006, that's funny.  Actually, seems like the team regressed, if I'm not mistaken.

But, let's consider this.  Last time you were in charge of the USMNT, was, what, 2006?  Let's see... It's 7 years on and the only guys still playing on the team from when you were in charge are our keepers, and Dempsey, who was just starting to make a big name for himself.  Let's also consider age as a factor.  If a player is 25 in 2006, they would be 32+- this year.  That's, most of the time, about the time a field player retires from the NT.  The fact that many of our USMNT now plays overseas would also play into that count that you don't know some of these players, correct?

Now, we here at TSI know how much of a fetish you had for good ol' Skeletor Bradley, but we both know the team was regressing further under his tutelage.  Besides, Bobby has his own problems of late, leading Egypt to losses to the Ivory Coast (4-2), Chile (2-1) and Qatar... yes Qatar (3-1) this year alone.  Who would you have us replace Klinsmann with?  Yourself?  Nah, we did that already and we had several foreign born players (several who were crap, remember David Regis, he with the silver hair during your run?), so your argument is moot.

Look, we (actually USSF) picked the guy they thought we all wanted in Klinsmann.  Not many others were available because we sat with our collective thumbs up our asses while coaches like Scolari, Hidink and others were snatched up by club and country.  Don't pee on us and tell us how it was rain while you were in charge.  Let's let him run the course.  If we fail to qualify, fine, let him go, but at least make a concerted effort to bring in a good coach with good experience at the NT level (Klinsmann was great at NT, crap at club level).  Don't throw us some inside job and expect it all to get better.  Klinsmann is still hamstrung by the limitations you've set on him in developing players and picking rosters (it's been admitted by several past coaches that Gulati and USSF like to stick their fingers in the pie and help decide who gets the callups).  If Klinsmann qualifies and actually gets the US farther than the 2nd round, is the USSF going to give him a pay raise and more freedoms?  No.  You'll say it was expected, so let's just drop the issues of in fighting with USMNT and the coaches.  We know what to expect if he fails, and the onus is not only on the coach, but also the players for not playing up to their expectations.

What, you thought we'd be putting Landycakes and Adu out there?

Photo: USSF

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