09 September, 2013

World Cup Qualifier: Cape Verde v Tunisia Highlights

First, I'm gonna apologize for the video quality here.  Not surprising to find hq stuff for Cape Verde. And for those of you looking for the cheap laugh of seeing a Fock in goal, will be disappointed (yes, they have a backup keeper who goes by the singular name of Fock). That said, damn.  The Godfather and I followed Cape Verde during the run up to the WC 2006 in Germany, hoping that we could get tickets to the US, but if we couldn't, we wanted to go to their games.  Sadly, Cape Verde Blue Sharks stumbled in the last three matches and failed to qualify. Here, though, Ramos and Plantini score and put Cape Verde through to the next round.  Cape Verde 2 - Tunisia 0 (plus a fired coach).

After this surprise win, that forced the 2nd firing of a Tunisia coach inside a year, you have to wonder about the 179th largest nation as it gears up for another surprise WC run.

Now, remember, now that they move on to the 3rd/final round of qualifying, Cape Verde plays five two-legged ties. Played October 11-15 and November 15-19, 2013. With winners qualify for the finals. Africa gets 5 entries for the WC in Brazil.

Video: Footytube

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