16 October, 2013

Dichotomy of Class

Been seeing some interesting posts and tweets today... That said, I think the two things below will show you a huge gulf in sports.

While the USSoccer tweet isn't easily accessible unless you go through a time stamp check (perhaps they took it off?), what the 2nd shows you is that sports are still played by pros.

Sure we see divers, and cheats, and foulers. Sure we see horrible refs and fans raining debris onto the pitch. What we rarely see is the honest baller, understanding when to show some humility and instead of cheering a meaningless win, consoles a fellow player that may not have the chance again...

Classless v. Classy.

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  1. Maybe it's just me. I'm having real trouble sifting through posts, emails and tweets at the moment... Now we've got at least one website selling a t-shirt saying "De Nada". Absolutely classless. Not just because they are trying to make money on this ($28?! Are you f-ing kidding me for a tshirt?), but because what if that was us in Panama's place?

    Needing a win to get the playoffs. How would we like it if Mexican websites started hyping a "You're Welcome" tshirt to Panamanians?

    It's capitalism... I get it... We've all been in a position before to just miss out on something. We also know that if we were players ripping off our shirts or taunting like this, we'd have been carded by now. Man up, people. Celebrate a win. Don't celebrate the loss of someone else.


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