15 October, 2013

USMNT Saves El Tri

Not often can you say that, but with Panama going ahead 2-1  in the 80th minute, the US could have rolled over taken the loss.  They'd already won the group, and the .000009% chance they had at being a seed for the World Cup draw in Brazil next year went out the door with a Switzerland win over the weekend.

Mexico, for it's part, needed a win by a decent margin, and a Honduras loss, or at least not to have Panama win, just to qualify.

At this point, I'm thinking what you're thinking: "It's over.  Mexico couldn't right the ship fast enough."  They were down 2-1 on a 2nd goal by Costa Rica in the 64'. After the first five minutes in Jamaica, the Jamaica/Honduras score was 1-1 and everyone just felt that last place Jamaica was going to get crushed.  It was 2-2 at the 60' mark.

Then this:
3 goals between the US and Panama in the final 13 minutes of play. 

Mexico, holding on to dear life and a chance for a home/away playoff against NZ (the Oceania winners) for one last chance to see Brazil from the pitch, kept it close.

Sure you could say that Mexico held their fate in their hands.  Sure we would all miss El Tri going to Brazil  But, either way, I expect a bottle of mezcal by my doorstep when I get up because as much as everyone hates the US/Mexico rivalry at game time, especially the loser, there's just something about it that makes you want to see it...

Full Highlights of the US game:

Video: Beinsports

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