06 December, 2013

World Cup 2014 Final Draw

Wish we were home to watch this live and give the updates, but things are what they are.

In case you had some far flung fantasy about how far the US was going to make a run in the WC, the odds are already 100:1 that they don't make the quarters because of the recent change in POT seating from the averaged world rankings to the newer and more recent FIFA rankings.

How screwed up is it?

Portugal is in Pot 4.

Wanna know how really screwed the US can actually get?

How would you like to see Netherlands, Spain, US, and Portugal all in one pot?

Yeah, that would be about as crappy as it can be.  Luckily, FIFA won't let that happen.  We all hear the rumors of heated/cooled ping pong balls, and we can see it at it's best later today.

So where will that leave us?  We could still draw Ghana.  Fudge....

How bout another possibility?

Brazil, Ivory Coast, US, Italy.

Ah for #@%! sake, really?  Yeah. Take a second and go here for a FIFA WC 2014 simulator of possibilities.  Let us know the screwed up and inevitable doom that you see the USMNT facing next summer.

Maybe it's a good thing we have to work today.  Otherwise, I'd be drunk on Caipirinhas.

Photo: FIFA


  1. Well, that couldn't have gone much worse. Germany, Ghana, USA, Portugal. Basically, the only way it could have been worse was if we had Brazil (at home) instead of Germany. And maybe Italy against instead of Portugal.... um... you know what? No, it couldn't be much worse.

  2. Oh, and couple in the fact that we got Manaus (although Italy v England did too) in that it's the ass end of Brazil just off the Amazon, where no one wants to play. Yeah, not going to be pretty.


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