27 June, 2013

Confederations Cup: Brazil v Uruguay Highlights

Uruguay has to be kicking themselves after a missed early PK was the difference maker.  Forlan misses in the 14th while Fred strikes for Brazil to put the home side up 1-0 in the 1st half.  Battling back, Cavani equalizes, but it's a Paulinho late strike that puts the hosts through to the finals. 

Next up for Brazil is the winner of Italy/Spain, while Uruguay gets the loser in the 3rd place match.

Video: Fox Sports

23 June, 2013

Confederations Cup: Nigeria v Spain Highlights

This shouldn't have been as close as it was.  Nigeria needed to win, and win big to even have a chance of moving on.  They came out with a strong 4-3-3, but lost one of their starting defenders by the 9' mark to blocking a Spain shot.  That said, Spain dominated, but looked lazy or just really unlucky not to finish half the easy chances they did have as Nigeria scrambled just to keep pace.  Spain rolls on to face Italy in the Semis, 3-0 winners.

Video: HDGoals5

Confederations Cup: Tahiti v Uruguay Highlights

Tahiti went out in style... and by style we mean, bent over, taking a beating and then saying thanks for the fun, we're going back to Tahiti, one of the few places more beautiful than Brazil.  Abel Hernandez drops a hat-trick before the half, and finishes with four, Luis Suarez gets a token two, and Perez and Lodeiro both notch one as Uruguay rolls on to face Brazil in the next round, 8-0 winners.

Video: CopaBrazilTV

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