25 July, 2013

Gold Cup 2013: Honduras v USMNT Highlights

EJ gets another (seems like he's refound his form finally) and Landycakes scores two... neither from the PK spot! The second for LD was particularly sweet as it came less than 1 min after Honduras' Media scored to bring it to 2-1.  Landy's 2nd put the spread back to 2 goals and the US rolls to the finals, 3-1 winners.

Now for those of you who didn't catch the match live, Klinsmann managed to get himself sent off late in the game.  How, you might ask?  For questioning the Costa Rican ref's lack of eyesight  (never mind a elbow EJ got to the face in the box and we were denied a pk) when Beasley's leg apparently turned into metal and attracted some hidden magnet in one of the Honduran player's feet. 

I swear, at the rate Beasley gets kicked and fouled, I'd be surprised if he's still able to walk at 50.  It might be understandable on a thug level to foul this guy so much but this is like having the record for getting hit by the most pitches in baseball.  It has no reward and it hurts like hell.

Winner of Panama and the US match gets to face the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup for the right to play in the Confederations Cup in Russia, 2017.


Gold Cup 2013: Mexico v Panama Highlights

Mexico... where for art thou Mexico?  I know sometimes a team can fall on hard times, but not 4yrs ago, we were talking about how Mexico was just leaving CONCACAF in the dust as they were one of the superior teams in the world.


Well, they couldn't beat Panama on home soil.  Whoops, did I say home?  I meant the US where they draw more fans than in Mexico...

Either way, Blas Perez opens the scoring for Panama in the 13'.  Montes equalizes 13 minutes later.  Torres just finishes it in the 2nd, and that's game.  Panama to the finals, 2-1.

Winner of Panama and the US/Honduras match gets to face the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup for the right to play in the Confederations Cup in Russia, 2017.


22 July, 2013

Gold Cup 2013: Costa Rica v Honduras Highlights

Sometimes, it's not your day.  Costa Rica dominated possession by 2/3, and were definitely more physical, but couldn't put one into the net.  Instead, it was former US youth player, Andy Najar who was the hero as his lone strike was what won the day for Honduras.  Honduras moves on, 1-0.

Video: Fox Sports

Gold Cup 2013: El Salvador v USMNT Highlights

When you have Goodson opening the scoring for the US, you know it's going to get out of hand real quick.  And it did.  Landycakes, Corona, Diskerud and EJ all get on the scoring sheet as US roll, 5-1, into the semis.

Video: Footytube

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