24 August, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Aston Villa v Liverpool Highlights

Considering the Hammers had to play Chelsea mid week, I didn't think they were going to even bother showing.  Tough way to lose as they dominated possession and shots, but in the end it was a phenomenal Sturridge goal that got the points for Liverpool and nothing for AV.  Final 1-0.


23 August, 2013

Functional Training with Brian McBride

It's always good to see players lend their experiences to the up and coming... And we could always use another McBride.

Video: USSoccer

22 August, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Aston Villa v Chelsea Highlights

This going to be a long week for Aston Villa.  Chelsea then on Saturday they play Liverpool.  I don't really see them getting points in either.

A tough early own goal by Luna puts Chelsea up, but Benteke equalizes in injury time in the first half.  The second half, though, was much difference as the tired legs started to show for AV and Chelsea saw them off with an Ivanovic goal in the 73'.  Final, Chelsea 2 - Aston Villa 1.

Video: MSPHighlights

Where the hell did I end up?

I know we all like to joke about this happening to us, but what would you do if it actually did happen?

Sport Bladet's Kristoffer Bergstrom and Oskar Mansson caught up with former Hammarby offensive mid Sebastian Castro-Tello in Azerbeijan (translated from Sport Bladet):

 "Where the hell did I end up?" Castro-Tello dreamed of La Liga - but came to Azerbaijan

BAKU. For his entire career Sebastian Castro-Tello, 26, has dreamed of La Liga.

"I do not know exactly how it happened. The only thing I knew about Azerbaijan was that they had Eurovision," says former Hammarby player. "The cell phone rang one day late." Sebastian Castro-Tello said from his hotel in Baku, where he arrived after a terrible spring season at Hammarby.

The man on the other end was from Las Palmas in the Spanish second league. They examined the number ten and Castro-Tello was somehow interesting. Perhaps these involved a sample game, perhaps a loan, maybe a transition. Was he interested? Sebastian did not know the details. He had for years hoped to come to Spain, this chance fell down in his lap, he was flattered, but answered honestly. "No, not anymore.Yesterday I signed a 1 year contract with a club called Ravan.Where? In Azerbaijan."

20 August, 2013

Where in the World is David James?

Was trying to come up with a title here... anyways, I was going through some of our predictions a few weeks back and stumbled upon the fact that in the modern era of the EPL, no winning manager has ever been English.

Man U fans always cross my mind, but SAF was Scottish.  And Moyes?  Also a Scot.  Which led me to look at his playing history.  His first club? Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja (IBV).

Yeah, don't ask me to pronounce it.  My Icelandic is horrible.

Regardless, their current assistant coach is a player/coach in the old school mold.  At 43, he's played for his country's NT, making 53 appearances before retiring from international play.

David James.  When his signing was announced, attendance skyrocketed.  With so few clubs, they need all the help they can get and James might be just that.  Placing 3rd last year, IBV seeks to improve it's standing and hopefully eye Europe.


18 August, 2013

EPL Season 13/14: Chelsea v Hull City Highlights

The Special One makes a special return... Chelsea see off Hull City as expected, 2-0. By the way, check that Lampard free kick goal to put Chelsea up 2-0... dirty. Video: Dailymotion

EPL Season 13/14: Crystal Palace v Tottenham Highlights

Ian Halloway is back... More important, we get to welcome the Crystal Palace Crystals! Oh, and Tottenham have Soldado score a pk on his debut so Spurs win 1-0. Video: DailyMotion

EPL Season 13/14: Everton v Norwich City Highlights

Roberto Martinez and Ricky van Wolfswinkel debuted this match, one as coach, one as player, and neither won. 4 goals in 20 2nd half minutes resulted in a 2-2 draw. Fair result for an evenly matched game. Video: Dailymotion

EPL Season 13/14: Fulham v Sunderland Highlights

Well, the Jozy show made it's debut. Unfortunately, Jozy forgot to score in it. Well, can't win them all... especially when you outshoot your opponent 21 to 5 (Jozy had 4 of those shots himself) and still lose... ouch. Fulham walks out 1-0 winners in this lackluster game. Video: 24hrsportnews

EPL Season 13/14: Arsenal v Aston Villa Highlights

I'll just leave this apropos tweet from Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan to tell you how the day went at home for Gunners fans. 

Final, 3-1 Aston freakin Villa... Somewhere, Spurs fans are laughing. Actually, probably everywhere. On an upside, it could have been 4-1 AV as Benteke missed his 1st pk...
Video: Fox Sports

EPL Season 13/14: Liverpool v Stoke Highlights

Sturridge's 1st half strike was all Liverpool needed to win 1-0.  Closer than should be expected from Liverpool.  Let's hope they step it up as the season goes on.

EPL Season 13/14: Cardiff City v West Ham Highlights

Welcome back to the EPL Cardiff... oh and here's how we play... 2-0 heap of smack down as West Ham... yes, the West Ham... hands Cardiff an opening day loss.  Joe Cole and Nolan the goal scorers.

Video: Dailymotion

EPL Season 13/14: Manchester United v Swansea Highlights

David Moyes' first test was passed.  As much as we ripped on him for losing to the best of Thai XI in preseason, the thing that matters is league play.  And RVP lit it up for him.  Two goals for last season's golden boot and another two for Walbeck (his 2nd looked like he's been practicing on the Old Course) with a token goal by Bony for Swansea.  Final, 4-1 Red Devils.

Video: Fox Sports

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