27 August, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Chelsea v Manchester United Highlights

Well, Rooney played, so maybe the rumors about him going to Chelsea are false?  Then there was that bit by the Special One telling Rooney that if he wants to leave Man U, he's got till Wednesday to step up and say it.  Is it me or is that him seriously mind screwing Man U?  Guy gets points on this one.

Anyways, this turned out rather boring. RVP was completely shut down, Torres was disappointing as usual, and Rooney got cheers from Chelsea supporters for running all over the pitch after the ball.  Final, 0-0.

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26 August, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Cardiff City v Manchester City Highlights

Ah... Well, Man City never does well in Wales.  But it is just Cardiff City, right?  If you saw the first half, you'd be probably surprised to see the 2nd half.  Two new teams, both hell bent on scoring the winner came out.

Dzeko got on the score sheet early for Man City, and the final goal came in injury time for Negredo.  Surely that must have meant a Citeh win any other day, but Cardiff just kept scoring.  It was the Frazier Campbell show as he netted two, including the game winner.  See, now maybe you will listen to me when I tell you to watch Cardiff in our preseason predicitons...  Final Cardiff 3 Man City 2.

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25 August, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Swansea v Tottenham Highlights

I told you earlier that Soldado was the best signing of the season in the EPL.  Looking at them sitting 3rd on the table, a point back of Chelsea with a game in hand, I'm not looking too shabby.

That said, Soldado has scored both his goals now from the spot.  Including the lone one against Swansea.  Not saying Spurs shouldn't have won, they did, and Vorm ought to get MoM honors for stopping all those shots, but they do need to start scoring from the run of play or all this early lead before their usual late season collapse may be for nothing.  Spurs win 1-0.

Video: FoxSportsInternational

EPL 2013/14: Arsenal v Fulham Highlights

Well, Podolski finally showed up.  Too bad he'll probably disappear again for several games.  The game also begs the question, despite winning their CL game handily this week and then putting in a good showing here, does Wegner get some breathing room?  Or are all the haters going to come out when the window closes for now and Arsenal slip?

Either way Gunners, enjoy the show.  Arsenal wins 3-1 with a token goal by Bent to save face for Fulham and Podolski nets two for Arsenal.

Video: MSPhighlights

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