24 October, 2013

Why Can't I Coach in the EPL?

After the latest string of firings, Halloway included, I felt I needed to enlighten some of you as to what it takes to coach in the EPL.

In the US, most in the coaching ranks are familiar with the USSF standard ratings, E, D (state and national), C, B, and A licenses. Typically, you won't see a D1 school being coached by someone with anything less than an A license. I say typically, because there are some with a B.

For the B license, typically you need either 1+yrs with a C License from the USSF, the Advanced National Diploma from the NSCAA or five years of coaching experience (any level) AND five years of playing experience with a Senior National Team or five years of FIFA recognized professional playing experience. There are a handful of ex USMNT players with these licenses as well.

For the A license, you have to have your B for 1-3 years and be at least 21yo.

The C-A licensing are all 7-9 day residential courses with analysis and testing throughout. From the level D to A, there is testing on a pass/fail (C-A has 5-1 rankings with 5 being a fail and 1 a pass, if you fail one, you can retake that section before the residency is over, but fail again and you're out till 1 year hence).

Basically, just to get to your A license, you have to

21 October, 2013

EPL 2013/14: Aston Villa v Tottenham Highlights

Traveling to AV, Spurs were looking to turn around last week's embarrassing mishap at the hands of West Ham. Their first half didn't help anything. Where possession and shots stats really are misleading, Spurs looked rushed, and gave up stupid passes, basically trying to give another game away, but were saved by a Townsend cross gone awry. Townsend was trying to find Holtby at the back post around the 34' mark and to his credit, Holtby, marked and covered by Guzan, decided instead to duck as the cross found the inside of the left netting. The second half saw Soldado finally score from the run of play and Spurs walked away 2-0 winners to stay in the CL hunt. Video: Footytube

20 October, 2013

EPL 2013:14: Sunderland v Swansea City Highlights

Bet Poyet is having a Twix moment right about now. His first game in charge of floundering Sunderland sees his ass handed to him without so much as a thank you. Bardsley and Fletcher both score own goals and Bony, a pk as Swansea manhandle the Black Cats, 4-0. In USMNT news, Altidore sees only 8' as he comes on late after the Fletcher giveme. Video: Rututbe

EPL 2013/14: Manchester City v West Ham Highlights

Horrible defensive lapses lead to two Aguero goals and Silva puts the nail in the coffin as West Ham manage only a token goal from Vaz Te. City win 3-1 ahead of their CL game Wednesday. Video: Rutube

EPL 2013/14: Arsenal v Norwich City Highlights

Oezil scores twice as Arsenal simply destroy the Canaries at home. The Gunners sit 2pts above 2nd place at the moment. Final, 4-1. Video: Rutube

EPL 2013/14: Liverpool v Newcastle Highlights

51000 packed St. James Park to watch 10 man Newcastle hold Liverpool to a 2-2 draw. Liverpool, for their part, needed a stupid red by Yanga-Mbiwa on Suarez (doesn't Suarez do enough to earn a red card on himself, so why bother fouling him?) to save face. Sturridge scores late as Liverpool are happy to get out of Newcastle without a loss. Video: Rutube

EPL 2013/14: Manchester United v Southampton Highlights

Moyes is really starting to feel the pressure as they give up a last second goal to Southampton and blow a chance at the full 3pts despite RVP putting them up early. Man U is 5pts off the CL pace at this point. 1-1 the final. Video: Rutube

EPL 2013/14: Cardiff City v Chelsea Highlights

A scary opening 10 minutes as Cardiff find the net first, but Chelsea settle down with goals from Eto'o, Oscar and a brace from Hazard as the Blues run away with the 3pts, 4-1 winners at home. Video: Rutube

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