21 November, 2013

WCQ: Portugal v Sweden Highlights

Kids, this game was just unbelievably good.

Portugal, and more specifically, C. Ronaldo, had scored a goal to go up 1-0 aggregate going into this 2nd leg playoff qualifier for Brazil.

Seemingly, CR had put it out of reach for good when he struck first in this match. 


Zlatan decided he wasn't having any of this.

Two quick goals in a matter of 6 minutes saw Portugal and Sweden go level on goals and then the game was on.

At this point, a good player steps up, and as much as we dislike the person that is C. Ronaldo, the skill is just undeniable.

Here, let's let you take a look:

Yeah, that's just sick.  Zlatan 2, Ronaldo 3 (4 agg.) in this playoff match.  We knew one good team wasn't going to Brazil, but damn if this wasn't watch worthy, especially after watching how boring Austria v US was at the same time.

Video:  footytube

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