03 June, 2014

FIFA Ethics Head Lays Groundwork for "No Fault"

As this will come to no surprise to anyone, the head of FIFA's Ethics Committee investigation into "alleged" bribes of the Ex-Co to secure the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, has decided not to review several million (that's with an 'm') documents recently released by the Sunday Times of England supporting allegations of bribery.
"After months of interviewing witnesses and gathering materials, we intend to complete that phase of our investigation by 9 June 2014, and to submit a report to the adjudicatory chamber approximately six weeks thereafter," said Garcia.
"The report will consider all evidence potentially related to the bidding process, including evidence collected from prior investigations."
Garcia's investigation wraps up on or around June 9th, just days before the kickoff of 2014 WC in Brazil and the impending announcement of Blatter's re-nomination bid as FIFA President.  

The timing couldn't be more telling of the expected results of this "investigation" of FIFA into itself.  This is akin to the US Government appointing a telecom lobbyist to run the FCC and coincidentally, forward a proposal to allow telecoms to charge extra money for "faster internet" access.

It's a sham. It's immaterial whether Garcia, the head of the investigation of FIFA by FIFA, uses the recently released documents.  The willful ignoring of the evidence released is going to call into question his impartiality, as if his paycheck coming from FIFA didn't already do that.

This is symbolic of the complete and utter corruption by FIFA.  They are already tax exempt.  They require tax exempt status in any country they are to hold World Cups in their contracts.  To add that countries must go through a "bidding process"  where they openly give gifts (see jewelry given by stolen from Australia's delegation) is a farce when the back door bribes work so much better for FIFA's Ex-Co.  Several of the last retirements of Ex-Co members were all under clouds of bribery, with a handful of Brazilian members such as Texiera accused of lining their own pockets, Jack Warner (T&T) of openly taking and giving bribes, and bin Hammam (Qatar) of openly giving bribes. Couple that fact that many of these same people are on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which faces many of the same allegations, and it's not hard to see the issues are coming to a head.

While a simple solution would be for several federations to pull out and create their own, this will never happen unfortunately.  Logistics, being banned for life by FIFA and cutting off their free flowing cash have hamstrung their attempts.  It pains us to say this, and because boycotting their partners such as Coke and Adidas do little to their overall paycheck, we encourage you not to go to the World Cup.  View it on tv (it's a hell of a lot cheaper and with Qatar still getting all wishy-washy on alcohol for 2022), and show the host countries it's a huge net loss to host, and you might see some results.

Recently, several countries bidding for the 2022 Olympics voted themselves out of the bidding process because of staggering costs, and perhaps countries around the world should do the same.  Brazil has several stadiums in various stages of incompleteness and nearly 40% of promised event infrastructure such as airports, hotels, roads and fan venues will be abandoned or incomplete before the start of WC 2014.  

Let Qatar take the 2022 World Cup.  You heard us.  Let them take the massive financial blow.  Their use of slave labor?  It's not going to change.  Their promises are as weak as FIFA's.  Instead, use it to help you identify problem countries you should avoid.  Let it kneecap countries financially until they can't afford to be paying FIFA's huge graft fees.  It may take a while, and perhaps this is why Blatter pushed the biddings up so far into the future, but there will come a point that we're going to see the World Cup be spread across the world with teams hosting events based on seeding rather than hosting it all in one place similar to a Champions League where the final is the only real guaranteed location. These countries just can't afford to keep going down the path of FIFA corruption anymore.

Photo: FIFA

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