13 June, 2014

World Cup 2014: Brazil vs Croatia Highlights

Well... Brazil was looking pretty suspect along the back line yesterday and Croatia came out surprisingly to attack. Good to see teams want to win against them rather than lay back and try to draw.
That said, here are your highlights (*Warning: I've had to relink a video 3 times as FIFA has been ruthless in cracking down on any vids, even highlights):

Brazylia - Chorwacja 3:1 All Goals & Highlights... by GoldenNightpl

Two things of note, if Brazil can't shore up that defense before the 2nd round, they are going to more than the ref's help to win and there were some seriously suspect calls in this game. Sure, there was a hand on Fred's shoulder, but he dropped like a rock (which we here at TSI never like to see) and that whistled foul in the Brazilian box on a in air challenge was dubious as I've seen that same call in several other UEFA/CL games not be whistled as it was a 50/50 ball.  Would Croatia have scored? Maybe, maybe not, but to whistle that dead so quickly will make me question that ref next time.

Your final, 3-1 Brazil, just as we predicted. Video: Dailymotion

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