13 June, 2014

World Cup: Australia vs Chile Preview

This one is going to be the anticlimactic finish to the day for most. Australia v Chile. So let's get to it. A few to choose from, but most are recent for Australia.
Mark Schwarzer 
Elias Figueroa

Schwarzer has been a steady rock in the back for Australia.  With a career some 20 years and 109 appearance for the Socceroos, Schwarzer has appeared in 3 World Cups, Uefa Cup twice, and been a team Player of the Year and nearly as long player in the EPL.  Schwarzer's abilities can't be looked over, and he can be perhaps considered the best Aussie player ever.  He finally announced his retirement this year.

Figueroa has 47 appearances for Chile with two goals to his name at the international level.  Perhaps the most visually/spacially aware player in the game in defense, Elias is by far the most storied Chilean player of all time.  Leading Chile to three World Cups, his last, 1982, was perhaps his best, being named to the Starting XI WC team.  Twice named FIFA Player of the Year (75,76), South American Defender of the Century, and Pele's Top 100 players.  This guy is perhaps the biggest defensive stud you've never heard of, but should have.

Our call is a close one.  Australia, now in Asia rather than pushover Oceania, is still strong, but Chile qualified in a tough group of South America and did so on the back of wins of 2-0 over Uruguay and a 3-3 draw with highly ranked Colombia.  Chile 2 Australia 0. And that's accounting for referee calls.

Photo: FIFA, SouthAmericaFootball

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