08 March, 2014

FA Cup Quarter 2014: Arsenal v Everton Highlights

Özil, Arteta and Giroud throws his two in as Lukaku keeps the scoreline from being a blank as Arsenal moves on to the Semis of the FA Cup. Arsenal 4 Everton 1.

Video: Foxsoccer

EPL 2013/14: Manchester United v West Brom Highlights

Jones, Rooney and Walbeck all score as a newly upped Shrek manages to down West Brom 3-0.  Maybe no one will notice they lost a mid week CL tilt against Olympiacos 2-0.

Video: Dailymotion

07 March, 2014

USMNT v Ukraine or I Don't Want to Play In Brazil

Like a bad highlight reel or a Rocky and Bulwinkle show, the US didn't play to win, or even to impress.

No, they played to get off the team.  The lone bright star out there was Howard.  Stopping two through ball first shots by Ukraine, he couldn't carry his defense on his shoulders.

The US attack looked anemic.  The defense was worse with poor marking and slow recovery.  The lack of possession in midfield was also disturbing.  I could have sworn we were running a 4-2-3-1.  Should lend to possession and defense, but instead, I learned that Onyewu is about 5yrs past his retirement and our D, when not standing and ball watching, was busy doing anything but playing soccer.

This game was abysmal.  Maybe it was because I was sitting at a Buffalo Wild Wings next to Ukrainians, and that I bet them a beer on the result.  Maybe we owed them one for telling Putin, "bad... shame on you".  Who knows.  What I did learn was for our USMNT, I better not see Gooch, Brooks, Jones, or Castillo.  Duece looked more like Once for his lack of impact since his move last year to Spurs, and this latest move to Seattle.  Altidore made a huge mistake going to Sunderland to sit the bench for a relegation bound team.  Shea has ability, but isn't getting any better right now and Johannson looks like his technical work with AZ in Holland has been the biggest help.

Honestly, I think we've been overrating EPL action for US players of late.  We seem to exude physicality on the pitch, but we lack the technical and creative ability that Belgium and Netherlands seem to bring out in us (see Johnny O'Brien).  

I just hope was don't play like this in Brazil, or that Russia 2018 thing is going to hurt.

By the way, attendance for the match: 1573
Temp at kickoff: 62F
Enjoy the highlights below... or don't.

Video: Ussoccer

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