05 June, 2014

Landycakes or Bust?

A few days ago, I was talking with some people at a local Buffalo Wild Wings.  Naturally, with the World Cup coming up, talk turned to the chances for the USMNT and the surprising exclusion of Landon Donovan.

One of the people said they wouldn't watch because Landon was the all time leading scorer for the US and his exclusion meant we were doomed to fail.  Another pointed out that we had the Group of Death (Portugal, Germany and Ghana) and we wouldn't get out of the group anyways, but he was still going to watch.  Surprisingly, the bartender piped in that Landon was a glorified penalty kick taker and his stats were overblown anyways so maybe Klinsi saw something that we don't and decided that was the reason to drop him.

Seems fair enough.  Heck, even Italy dropped Rossi (I know he's still recovering from injury) for the 2nd time in as many WCs so while he could have played on both US campaigns, he gets to play a part of neither Italian one (somewhere, I can hear snickering).

03 June, 2014

FIFA Ethics Head Lays Groundwork for "No Fault"

As this will come to no surprise to anyone, the head of FIFA's Ethics Committee investigation into "alleged" bribes of the Ex-Co to secure the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, has decided not to review several million (that's with an 'm') documents recently released by the Sunday Times of England supporting allegations of bribery.
"After months of interviewing witnesses and gathering materials, we intend to complete that phase of our investigation by 9 June 2014, and to submit a report to the adjudicatory chamber approximately six weeks thereafter," said Garcia.
"The report will consider all evidence potentially related to the bidding process, including evidence collected from prior investigations."
Garcia's investigation wraps up on or around June 9th, just days before the kickoff of 2014 WC in Brazil and the impending announcement of Blatter's re-nomination bid as FIFA President.  

The timing couldn't be more telling of the expected results of this "investigation" of FIFA into itself.  This is akin to the US Government appointing a telecom lobbyist to run the FCC and coincidentally, forward a proposal to allow telecoms to charge extra money for "faster internet" access.

It's a sham. It's immaterial whether Garcia, the head of the investigation of FIFA by FIFA, uses the recently released documents.  The willful ignoring of the evidence released is going to call into question his impartiality, as if his paycheck coming from FIFA didn't already do that.

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