16 October, 2014

To Be or Not To Klinsi

So if you weren't privy to the conference call with MLS Commissioner Don Garber or haven't read any of the transcripts floating out there, let me fill you in on what just happened.

Don Garber is pissed that the USMNT head coach belittled MLS as the retirement community of big name soccer players and guys that could beat me one on one but couldn't cut it against solid competition day in and day out.

Now look, that's not to say MLS is bad.  It's got it's good teams (Seattle, for example, has some solid play) and some bad (Chivas is still a team?).  The drop off is huge.  And against other CONCACAF club teams, we still look good. I mean, who wouldn't think a team of MLSers shouldn't easily beat a team from a country with a population of 40,000?  Hell, we do that every few months.  It's called USMNT v St. Kitts et al.

And, sure, you are marketing a league to families and kids and trying to make money, but you don't have the tax exempt status of the NFL, nor do you have the sheer number of domestic abusers, rapers, and druggies that MLB/NFL has, so spare me that you think this league is the top flight of the world that could hang with the EPL.

Do you seriously think we're top flight if we have to play an all star team of our players against a CL team and still fear regularly losing?

Look, just quit it.

And when you hired Jurgen, you knew you were getting a control freak.  The guy was flying back and forth between the US and Germany when he ran the Mannschaft.  At Bayern, he thought he could come in and change the culture (bad idea).  So when he comes to the US and you give him the reins and tell him to develop the youth through our NT, you expect him to say, don't play against the best competition daily, and challenge yourself?

The "Don" started yesterday's call like this:

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